Accessible Åland invites you to take part in many cultural, sports and leisure events! The following arrangers collaborate with the Åland handicap organisation and offer assisting persons free entry to their services.



Alandica Kultur & Kongress

Bio Savoy

Hotell Arkipelag

Kulturföreningen Katrina

Käringsunds Viltsafari



Nordens Institut på Åland

Pub Bastun


Activity park Smart Park

Teaterföreningen i Mariehamn



Fängelsemuseet Vita Björn

Kastelholms slott

Ålands Fotografiska museum

Ålands Jakt- och Fiskemuseum

Ålands konstmuseum

Ålands kulturhistoriska museum

Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum och Pommern

Ålands skolmuseum


Travel agencies

Eckerö Linjen (personbiljett M/S Eckerö)

Viking Line Buss (vid utomstående evenemang avgör aktören)

Williams Buss (mäss- och trädgårdsresor samt privat bokning)



Avancia (vid första besöket, ta kontakt med Avancias personal för mer information)


IFK Mariehamn Fotboll (Ålands herrlag i finska mästerskapsserien)


Åland Curling

Ålands Idrottscenter (simhall och gym)

Åland United (Ålands damlag i finska mästerskapsserien)


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Andersö (not Hagaby!)

Andersö (not Hagaby!)

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Stornäset − forest walk in peaceful surroundings

Kastelholm’s Forest Trail (Skogsstigen) and Seaside Trail (Strandstigen) start both by the mighty beech forest dating back to the early 1930s. After the forest you can either take Strandstigen (about 5 km) which mainly follows Lumparn’s shoreline or the slightly shorter Skogsstigen (about 2.5 km).

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Ramsholmen − verdant wooded meadows with a scent of the sea and ramson

Ramsholmen is covered in wooded meadows, the most diverse type of habitat in Åland. In spring and summer the floral splendour is stunning with wild anemones, ramsons, snake’s heads and cowslips. There are mazes of hazelnut bushes, past pollard ash-trees and coastal meadows with orchids and other rare species.

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Prästgårdsnäset − nature’s spirit and richness in historical landscape

Prästgårdsnäset with its hazelnut groves, stately ash and oak hills, and beautiful seaside meadows have been used as a pasture of the nearby Finström vicarage. Pasturing has together with the comparatively lime-rich soil resulted in rich flora with some 200 species.

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Nåtö − wooded meadows with stunning wildflowers

Nåtö is a wooded meadow and one of Åland’s most diverse and richest type of habitat. Nåtö has flowering meadows with e.g. wild orchids, old pastures, coastal meadows and verdant groves of hazelnut trees.

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Långbergen − wilderness and stone age

Follow the trail from Vargstensslätten to Långbergen where you can learn about the lives of the first people to settle on the Islands. On the highest point of Långbergen you can admire the scenery of Orrdalsklint hill and the Northern Baltic Sea.

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Kungsö batteriberg − Russian Coastal Battery with seaview

On Kungsö battery hill there is a 2 km long paved Russian military road and a barracks area of a Russian coastal battery that was built on the top of Dalsberg hill in 1916–1918. The battery was a part of a larger defense line that stretched from Åland in the north to Hiiumaa and Saaremaa in Estonia.

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Höckböleholmen − The glory of snake’s heads

Höckböleholmen is topographically diverse with high biodiversity. There are lush groves, dry meadows, seashore, wooded marsh and barren rocks. The traditional spring blossom of blue and white anemones is worth a visit.

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