The welcoming port of Mariehamn is situated in the very heart of the Baltic Sea, halfway between Finland and Sweden. The Åland Islands consist of altogether 6,700 islands and offer unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage and natural beauty. Åland is an autonomous Swedish-speaking and demilitarized region in Finland, with its own flag, stamps, license plates and top domain “ax”.

The perfect complement to the Baltic Sea capitals

For visitors, Mariehamn is the perfect antidote to a hectic, big city life style of the  Baltic Sea capitals of Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. Mariehamn with its 11,000 inhabitants is a picturesque and friendly town characterized by a hospitable islander lifestyle and a strong maritime culture. The town was once the home of the world’s largest oceanic sailing ships fleet and is therefore called “port of the last windjammers”. The cozy and small city center is just a short walk (900 m) away from the port and it offers restaurants, cafes, shops as well as beaches, great sights and local attractions. Getting around in Mariehamn is easy and the friendly locals with good English skills are glad to help you in any way they can. Åland is widely known for its beautiful and unique archipelago, and it offers spectacular ways to experience the nature through e.g. golf, fishing, cycling, hiking or kayaking. Or why not just lay back and enjoy beautiful sights and the great culinary experiences Åland can offer!

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Trade shows 2017

Welcome to visit and get a taste of the destination Åland. Meet (Visit) Åland with some tourism entrepreneurs and other local representatives, on trade shows 2017.

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Enjoy cabin life in the company of others or choose privacy and seclusion

About eight or nine out of ten Åland cabins are situated by the water and have access to their own boat and sauna. That means bathing, boat trips and the sun on the horizon. Just open the door and step out into a forest, on to a meadow or on to red granite rock.

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The Åland Sea Days

During the Sea Days July 20–24th, maritime matters are the common theme of the programme. The main venue for the festival is the Maritime Quarter in the eastern harbor of – a vibrant maritime environment with boatbuilding, smithery and other crafts.

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Åland Harvest Festival

Come and enjoy the bounty of Åland harvest! It’s fresh, green, ripe, locally produced and pure pleasure for the eye and taste buds. Welcome to the Åland Harvest Festival on September 16–18th. Enjoy the lovely atmosphere and learn more about the life in the countryside.

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Treasure hunt in Mariehamn

Mariehamn is a town that is brimming with secrets. There are a large number of caches to be found. But what is a geocache, actually?

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Åland jewellery with an Italian glow

Jewellery craftsman and designer Roberto Ferrari discovered his passion for silver jewellery in the cheery 1970s in Italy. These days he produces jewellery that is inspired by the soil and granite of Åland.

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Exercise in the unique archipelago landscape

In Åland there are running and cycle races, as well as other sports events for all tastes, for both amateurs and professionals. The events are spread throughout the year.

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Festivals 2016 – some of the highlights

There will be several festivals during the summer. Fishbait Rock Festival, Baltic Shanty Festival, Åland Sea Days, Rockoff, Katrina Chamber Music, Åland Pride…

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