The Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland offer the whole spectrum of Nordic history, culture, nature and cuisine. Here you can dive into the lives of Swedish kings as well as the heyday of the 19th-century Russian tsars and learn about the development of the modern archipelago region.

Here it’s easy to enjoy outdoor life and experience the nature through e. g. golf, fishing, cycling, hiking or kayaking, or just to take a dip in the Baltic Sea, or just to lay back and enjoy beautiful sights and all the great culinary experiences Åland can offer, them including a Nordic cooking class with one of Åland’s master chefs or tastings of seasonal deligths.

Contact your travel operator or shore excursion provider for details of all varieties of shore excursions – from luxury to expeditional and destinational shore experiences! All excursions are combined with unique culinary experiences and tastings of local delicacies.


Take an exclusive boat trip to a fascinating world of champagne! In 2010, almost 160 bottles of the world’s oldest drinkable champagne were salvaged from a shipwreck from the 1840s in the Åland archipelago. Now Veuve Clicquot has created a “Cellar in the Sea” next to Silverskär island and stored hundreds of champagne bottles to monitor the aging.

Stallhagen Historic Beer 1843 is an authentic replica of one of the world’s oldest preserved beers that was salvaged from a “Champagne Galleass” shipwrecked in the Åland archipelago. Enjoy this and many other skillfully crafted beers with the very best Åland delicacies at Stallhagen Brewery, and hear the fascinating stories about the shipwreck and beer brewing.

Let your sweet dreams come true! Combine Åland history with high quality chocolate at Eckerö’s historical Post & Customs House where South American cocoa beans meet the finest Åland ingredients. Our chocolate expert Mercedes Urbano shares her wisdom and offers you to taste only the most exquisite chocolatiers.

Åland cuisine is one of the best-kept secrets of Scandinavian kitchen. Join a cooking class and cook with one of Åland’s master chefs and learn about the high-quality local raw produce.

Have you seen the sun dancing on the glittering waves amidst the islands? The Nordic summer light has attracted painters through centuries. Come and try to capture the lustre of the light on a water colour painting course led by one of the local aquarelle artists.

Feel yourself like a true local! Enjoy the c of the genuine Finnish smoke sauna and admire the spectacular views, relax in an outdoor Jacuzzi or take a cooling dip in the sea by the HavsVidden Resort.  


Explore the archipelago nature at close range in it is purest and most unique form. Join a guided kayaking trip and visit an old pilot station for lunch. Tours and routes for both beginners and advanced kayakers.

Feel the archipelago atmosphere on winding country roads leading across bridges and road banks from one island to another. There are guided cycling tours including picnic in the wilds for all tastes and levels.


Probably the best pike fishing in the Northern Europe! Learn everything about fishing on an excursion amidst the islands.

Discover the traces of ice age and post-glacial rebound on a guided hiking tour in scenic archipelago nature. The 5-kilometre hiking is rounded up with tastings of local delicacies and refreshments.  



Swedish kings, Russian tsars, medieval churches and fortresses. Verdant fields, lush meadows, deep forests and sea bays. Discover the rural and historical Åland on a sightseeing tour.

Once the home port of the world’s largest and last sailing ship fleet Mariehamn now boasts with a rich maritime history.    

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Andersö (not Hagaby!)

Andersö (not Hagaby!)

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Stornäset − forest walk in peaceful surroundings

Kastelholm’s Forest Trail (Skogsstigen) and Seaside Trail (Strandstigen) start both by the mighty beech forest dating back to the early 1930s. After the forest you can either take Strandstigen (about 5 km) which mainly follows Lumparn’s shoreline or the slightly shorter Skogsstigen (about 2.5 km).

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Ramsholmen − verdant wooded meadows with a scent of the sea and ramson

Ramsholmen is covered in wooded meadows, the most diverse type of habitat in Åland. In spring and summer the floral splendour is stunning with wild anemones, ramsons, snake’s heads and cowslips. There are mazes of hazelnut bushes, past pollard ash-trees and coastal meadows with orchids and other rare species.

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Prästgårdsnäset − nature’s spirit and richness in historical landscape

Prästgårdsnäset with its hazelnut groves, stately ash and oak hills, and beautiful seaside meadows have been used as a pasture of the nearby Finström vicarage. Pasturing has together with the comparatively lime-rich soil resulted in rich flora with some 200 species.

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Nåtö − wooded meadows with stunning wildflowers

Nåtö is a wooded meadow and one of Åland’s most diverse and richest type of habitat. Nåtö has flowering meadows with e.g. wild orchids, old pastures, coastal meadows and verdant groves of hazelnut trees.

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Långbergen − wilderness and stone age

Follow the trail from Vargstensslätten to Långbergen where you can learn about the lives of the first people to settle on the Islands. On the highest point of Långbergen you can admire the scenery of Orrdalsklint hill and the Northern Baltic Sea.

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Kungsö batteriberg − Russian Coastal Battery with seaview

On Kungsö battery hill there is a 2 km long paved Russian military road and a barracks area of a Russian coastal battery that was built on the top of Dalsberg hill in 1916–1918. The battery was a part of a larger defense line that stretched from Åland in the north to Hiiumaa and Saaremaa in Estonia.

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Höckböleholmen − The glory of snake’s heads

Höckböleholmen is topographically diverse with high biodiversity. There are lush groves, dry meadows, seashore, wooded marsh and barren rocks. The traditional spring blossom of blue and white anemones is worth a visit.

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