Åland’s archipelago is one of the largest in the world. And you can tell! The 6,500 islands seem to never end and there is always something new to discover. There is plenty of space here and most of the islands are uninhabited.

The Åland Islands have more sunshine hours than anywhere else in Scandinavia. In the summer it is so hot that visitors flock to the beach. In winter it is comparatively mild. But sometimes the sea freezes and you can ice-skate all around Mariehamn.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

There is plenty of space in Åland, even in the high season in July, and the rest of the year you have even more of the wide expanses of unspoiled scenery to yourself. Discover the magical Scandinavian light! Around midsummer the sun rises at 3.30 in the morning and doesn’t set until around 10 in the evening. The days are short in winter but it is surprising how the snow lights up the land- and seascape.

Hike through woods and over open meadows, cycle along winding paths! you can surf on the waves, paddle a kayak or dive down to a well-preserved wreck.


Events throughout the year

Did you know there is live music every weekend, year round in Mariehamn? Around Åland there are exciting happenings all months of the year. Read more in our event calendar.

Learn more about experiences in the Aland archipelago, and all activities that await in Åland in this year’s brochures.

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