Sun, blue seas and long lazy days on the beach are all part of summer. After a refreshing dip in the salt sea water the picnic tastes even better.

Long lazy days at the beach

Save one of these days for the natural sandy beach at Degersand in Eckerö. The long and shallow beach is a popular place for families. It is situated in a protected bay, yet offers a fantastic view of the sea. It’s easy to enjoy Bamböleviken with its diving tower, fine smooth bedrock and shallow sandy beach. The beach is located by a beautiful sea bay where it is sunny and pleasant all day. You can swim either in shallow or deep waters at Bamböle, which means that the older children can enjoy the diving tower while the smaller ones play at the water’s edge.

A whole house of splashing and water games

The Mariebad swimming pools and spa centre has a superb position over the waters of the eastern harbour. With its bubble pool, giddying water slide and exciting fun pool – not to mention the 8-lane exercise pool – the centre is fun for the whole family. Outside the centre there is a sundeck and swimming jetty exclusively for Mariebad guests wherea the beach and café are open to everyone. Weary bodies can be soothed with some pampering in the Spa.

Godby swimming hall

Training, competition or exercise swimming – Åland offers swimming options for people of all levels thanks to a new swimming centre in Mariehamn and a new swimming pool in Godby. These establishments can take groups of up to 60-70 people. Since the halls are just a 15-minute drive from one another, the groups may also split up and train at different centres. The main pool has eight lanes; it is 25 metres long and 21 metres wide. That means that each lane is 2.5 metres wide instead of the normal 2 metres. The pool is ideally fitted for competitions and is considered a fast pool. The grandstand on the first floor seats 250. It meets all international regulations for the biggest competitions. The proximity of the Godby hall means that it is possible to combine swimming practice with use of the sport hall’s gym, sports hall, conference premises for 25 delegates and serving area. Near the hall there is a lit exercise track that also functions as a skiing track in winter.

Mariebad swimming centre

In addition to the exercise and competition pool, with its eight 25-metre lanes and electronic timing, the swimming centre also offers an adventure pool with many fun activities for both children and funloving adults.

Our best beaches

Lilla Holmen beach is located just a short distance on foot from the centre of Mariehamn. The sandy beach is child-friendly and has a bridge, diving raft, beach volley court and a pirate ship for smaller children. Nabben beach, just outside central Mariehamn, offers a fine view over the eastern bay. The beach is child-friendly and has a playground and a beach volleyball court. The shallow beach of Degersand in Eckerö is a favorite among families. It is also easy to have a good time at the beach in Bamböleviken, with his diving tower, nice rocks and shallow sandy beach. Map of smaller beaches   Map of bigger beaches  

Floating sauna

Now you can take your sauna to wherever you want to swim. If you rent a sauna boat, that is. Just take the rudder and set your course for the nearest beautiful bay. Sauna boats are available from Sandösunds Camping, or at Långvikens Stugor.

Summer and water sports go hand in hand

Summer and sun could mean pleasant days at the beach – or speedy water activities with a boat in the Åland archipelago. If you’re curious about the latter alternative, please don’t hesitate to contact Patrik Larsson at Larssons Vattensport. Patrik offers kiteboarding and parasailing, as well as the possibility of hiring water skis, wakeboards and other fun-filled water activity equipment to attach to a boat.

Kiteboarding course

Patrik Larsson also arranges three-day courses in kiteboarding for all those who want to learn the basics of the sport and how to become independent kiteboarders. Patrik has 20 years’ experience in water sports and is also a licensed kiteboarding instructor with certified training by the International Kiteboard Organisation (IKO). The courses are located at Ödkarbyviken in Saltvik or on waters with suitable wind. “Kiteboarding is both an amazing experience and a great challenge – you’ll get an incredible adrenaline kick”, says Patrik. “When you get up on the board for the first time you are bound to cheer and yell – it’s an indescribable feeling!”

Group activities and rentals

Larssons Vattensport also offers group activities for companies, conferences, stag parties, hen parties, groups of friends and other types of groups. A group of a suitable size can try parasailing, water-skiing, wakeboard or inflatable water toys for three hours. “You can either visit me here in Ödkarbyviken or I can put the boat on a trailer and come to a place of your choice”, Patrik explains. “It will be a slightly different day – a welcome break in a day full of business meetings”. Patrik also has water sports equipment for hire, either for a day or for a full week.

Summer and winter seasons

Thanks to wetsuits, the water sports season stretches into September. Patrik also has plans for arranging kiteboarding courses on ice in the winter, for both long distance skaters and snowboarders. “Åland has a long season for water sports in the summer and riding on snow and ice in the winter – and we can use the same equipment”, Patrik concludes.  


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