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Cycling in Åland

Åland seems to be made for cycling. The distances are short, the nature varied and the sea is always present. Often a beautiful sea bay or a flourishing meadow waits behind the next bend in the road. It's never far between places to swim and different sights.

Just remember that the right of public access is more restricted in Åland than in Sweden and Finland. The basic rule is to not disturb or destroy. Enjoy nature and leave it the same way as when you came.

Bicycle routes
Follow the green-white bicycle signs along great bicycle routes. Wherever possible the bicycle routes run along smaller roads with less traffic, but there are also special bicycle roads parallel with the more frequented main roads.

If you follow the bicycle routes, there will be a bicycle ferry waiting when you reach the end of the road. They function as an extension of the Åland roads and run according to a timetable in June, July and August.

Distances in Åland
Mariehamn - Eckerö, main road 1, 34 km
Mariehamn - Godby (Finström), main road 2, 16 km
Godby - Hummelvik ferry harbour (Vårdö), main road 2, 34 km
Godby - Hällö brygga (Geta), main road 4, 26 km
Mariehamn - Söderby (Lemland), main road 3, 14 km
Söderby - Långnäs (Lumparland), main road 3, 14 km

Booking your trip
You can book ready-made cycling packages where everything is included, from travel organisers in Åland, or plan your route on your own. Here you'll find many tips and other important information for planning your bicycle vacation in Åland.

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