Children’s Åland is made of fun and educational activities of kid’s pirate club. Not to mention the amazing nature experiences, fishing trips, treasure hunting, beaches and bathhouses, unfogettable encounters with animals, interactive museum visits and much more. Read more about Piratklubben, as well as Children’s top ten activities in Åland.

Piratklubben – kid’s pirate club

PrintWelcome to kid’s pirate club – Piratklubben – a club for children and families who are fans of Åland. Sail in to, register your kids as members and let the adventure begin! As a registered member, you will receive tips about treasure hunts and news about children’s activities taking place across Åland.

The Mascot Peppi the Pirate

Peppi the Pirate is the mascot of the Piratklubben club. She is a happy and playful squirrel who once found a message in a bottle, tossed into the sea by Captain Kalixtus Karlsson Anno Domini 1795. The bottle contained a map – a treasure map. Peppi the Pirate had found the ticket to the adventure of her lifetime, a true treasure hunt! Shared joy is a double joy, and so Peppi the Pirate decided to start a club,Piratklubben, and invite all children who visit Åland to join her in the search for the treasure.

– Have you already got your treasure map of Åland? asks Peppi the Pirate.

Get your treasure map of Åland

Peppi the Pirate is almost exploding with excitement, when she talks about the club’s new website at and she invites all children to become members!
“Just check it out and you‘ll always know if there’s a pirate day or fishing day at sight, if I’m crafting, having ice cream party or dancing a pirate‘s dance, playing frisbee golf, or where to go for fun activities on a rainy day.”
All the children joining Piratklubben are sure to have a really good vacation in Åland with their families, with plenty of activities and events.
“An adventure a day keeps the medicine away,” says Peppi the Pirate who, by the way, loves cheese and apple juice.

Peppi the Pirate recommends

The sea is a well of treasures,“ says Peppi the Pirate. We at the Piratklubben club think that all children and their parents should go fishing together more often and, to inspire families to do so, a special Fishing Day is arranged every summer. There’s a lot to do for the whole family, from angling to learning how to clean a fish, and other activities. For more information, visit
Follow in the footsteps of the pirates, and set sail for a treasure hunt! The Maritime Museum’s treasure hunt is a quiz quest; on the route, there is a mast to climb, a real liferaft, and a genuine Jolly Roger pirate flag from the 1700s. 


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