Families enjoy the Åland islands. These islands are relaxed and secure and there is lots to do and discover in Åland for the whole family. Here are some tips and selected gems that you absolutely should not miss when you are in Åland.

Kids’ top 10 activities 

1. Åland Maritime Museum. Both sea dogs and landlubbers have fun here! Climb up a real mast, see a genuine pirate’s flag, call at a harbour and go on a treasure hunt with the museum’s mascot, Ruby the ship’s rat. Did you know that the Åland Maritime Museum is the Museum of the Year in Finland 2016?

2. Pommern. Don’t miss to go onboard the large sailing vessel Pommern in connection with your visit to the maritime Museum. The four-masted steel-bark is moored just by the museum and is the only trade sailing ship of its type in the world that has been preserved in its original state.
Please note that Pommern is closed 20172018 due to the building of a dry dock and the change of the main deck. She will open its doors again in May 2019 with a completely new visitor experience. In the summer 2018 the ship will be open for the public on certain hours. 

3. The Mariebad swimming pools and spa centre has a superb position over the waters of the eastern harbour. With its bubble pool, giddying water slide and exciting fun pool – not to mention the 8-lane exercise pool – the centre is fun for the whole family. Outside the centre there is a sundeck and swimming jetty exclusively for Mariebad guests wherea the beach and café are open to everyone. Weary bodies can be soothed with some pampering in the Spa.

4. Lilla Holmen. Simply step over the bridge to get to this genuine children’s island with a pirate ship, beach, playgrounds, a bird sanctuary and small animals like rabbits and hens. A true oasis for the whole family – right in the heart of Mariehamn.

5. Kastelholms slott. The medieval castle offers a setting for various activities from dressing up as a knight or lady of the castle to a treasure hunt. Check out restaurant Smakbyn next to the castle, try the Pirate Menu for children or Black Jenny’s quiz round, as well as pottery making at Mia’s pottery in Smakbyn.

6. Jan Karlsgården. Åland’s counterpart to Skansen in Stockholm or Seurasaari in Helsinki, an outdoor museum featuring a typical Åland farm house and other buildings. It’s especially lively here on Wednesdays in July, when you can try different traditions and crafts, for example, butter churning, spinning or dying yarn with natural colours.

Bomarsund. The fortress in Bomarsund was the most magnificent construction in Åland until the Crimean War in the 1850s. Today, the ruins offer an inspiring backdrop for adventures. Explore the remains of towers that were built on high spots in the surroundings – Notvikstornet, Brännklintstornet and Djävulsberget – and admire the spectacular views. Can you find all the cannons?

 Åland Fire Brigade Museum. At the Fire Brigade Museum, there are real red-painted fire engines that you can climb into, a total of 20 fire extinguishing vehicles, and loads of equipment for all those dreaming of a career as a fireman.

9. Åland’s s hunting and fishing museum. Learn all about hunting, fishing and life in the archipelago. Play in the children’s herring market, search for pearls and amulets in the sand, paint plaster figures and go on a quiz round.

10. Käringsund Wildlife Safari. In Käringsund, next to the Åland Huning and Fishing Museum and the Eckerö Linjen terminal, you will find the wildlife ‘savannah’ of Åland. Take a safari ride and see the ostriches, wild boars, lamas and other wild animals close up!

Other fun activities 

Trollstigen in Geta. The Trollstigen Gnome trail is a 1-kilometre-long tell-a-tale trail that starts from Getabergen hill in northern Åland. After the hike, we recommend a proper lunch or refreshments on restaurant Soltuna’s terrace.

Vikingamarknad. The annual Viking market in Saltvik Kvarnbo during the last weekend in July will propel you right into the world of the Vikings. In the crowds you will meet bearded Vikings and bejewelled women in beautiful costumes, as well as craftspeople. Masses of children’s activities make the Viking market a proper family event.

Degersand beach. Thanks to its child-friendly shallow waters, the beach is suitable for swimmers of all ages. There is refreshments, food and ice cream sold nearby. In 2014, Degersand was rated as the second best unexplored beach in Europe by the British Metro magazine and the BeachTomato travel blog.

Piratklubben. Kid’s pirate club “Piratklubben” with the mascot Peppi the Pirate is a club for children and families who are fans of Åland. Sail in to www.piratklubben.ax, register your kids as members and let the adventure begin! As a registered member, you will receive tips about treasure hunts and news about children’s activities taking place across Åland.


Welcome to enjoy the summer and your Åland holiday with fun filled days of activities for the whole family!


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