Autumn Bird Hunting

Autumn bird hunt

In autumn it's time for sea bird hunting in Åland. The sea bird hunting was especially important for the archipelago life in the past. Nowadays you can follow along to the smaller islands and experience the old traditions yourself. Together with your hunting host you can hunt sea birds such as Common goldeneye and Tufted duck with the help of decoys.

- For most of our guests just to come out in the archipelago is an experience - but to also hunt on nature's terms makes the experience even bigger, says the hunting host Mikael Lindholm.


Hunting seasons

1 September - 31 December: hunting for Mallard, Northern shovelers, wigeon, Northern Pintail, Common goldeneye, Tufted duck, Pochard, Long-tailed duck, Common Merganser, Red-breasted Merganser, European Woodcock, Woodpigeon, Black Grouse and Pheasant.

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