The Åland archipelago is diverse with many uninhabited islands and not very much boating traffic. Many are amazed at the stillness of the archipelago. You can paddle for a whole day without seeing a single other boat, even in high season. The bird life is also rich, and spotting a sea-eagle is not uncommon. There are also water types for everybody, from beginners to more skilled paddlers. In small areas you'll find different types of seascape with both open water and areas with many islands and skerries.


Everything you need to know

The map ”Paddling on Åland” is a great help if you want to paddle on your own in Åland waters. The map is sold at the book store Mariehamns Bokhandel at Torggatan 14 in Mariehamn, tel. +358 18 19745.


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 Nimix Kajakuthyrning
Phone: +358 50 66716
Address: Eckerö

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.nimix.ax
Contact: Send request

We offer you many rental alternatives. From 1 hour to one week. The rent includes the paddle, a life jacket and cover for the kayak. If necessary we give instructions for kayaking. We also arrange guided canoeing excursions.

 S.G.U Friluftsentreprenörerna
Phone: +358 18 14757
Address: Lerviks småbåtshamn Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.sgu.nu
Contact: Send request

How about exciting climbing around the adventure course, wonderfully varying crosscarting or an action filled paintball match? A visit to us is guaranteed to become a memory for life!

 Sandösunds Resort & Camping
Phone: +358 18 47750
Address: Sandö VÅRDÖ

Region: Northern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.sandosund.com
Contact: Send request

We specialise in arranging activity group tours in the centre of the Åland archipelago. Our arrangements suit adults as well as school groups and an important ingredient is the team spirit. Our establishment is located in Vårdö and we accepts groups of up to 30 persons.

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