Åland has many fine sights of high class. If your time on Åland is limited and you don’t have time to see everything, there are still a few sights you don’t want to miss.

The Åland Maritime Museum with the s/v Pommern

The Åland Maritime Museum is a colourful museum that tells the story about the Åland shipping era. Among the model ships, figureheads and photographs there are many interesting stories about shippers and weathered sailors to get acquainted with.

Don’t miss to go onboard the large sailing vessel Pommern in connection with your visit to the maritime Museum. The four masted steel-bark is moored just by the museum and is the only trade sailing ship of its type in the world that has been preserved in its original state.

Please note that the four-masted barque Pommern is closed 20172018 due to the building of a dry dock and the change of the main deck. She will open its doors again in May 2019 with a completely new visitor experience. In the summer 2018 the ship will be open for the public on certain hours. 

Cultural History and Art Museum

The Cultural History Museum of Åland and The Åland Islands Art Museum are located under one roof close to the Downhill of Mariehamn and the park Stadshusparken. The museums re-opened in August 2016 after a few years renovation. 

The Cultural History Museum has a completely renewed main exhibition where you can follow Åland’s story, from the first seal-hunters, who set foot on these rocky islands, to today’s global and multi-cultural society. The exhibition is divided up chronologically – prehistory, the medieval period, the era of the great powers, the 1800s and the 1900s – guiding you step by step through 7500 years of Åland’s history. The exhibition tells of both dramatic events and everyday life, of toil and festivities.

The Åland Islands Art Museum presents a broad spectrum of art on the Åland Islands from sculptures and paintings to modern video installations. In addition, the museum regularly presents special exhibits offering new impressions and influences to visitors. The art museum continuously seeks to be an inspiring forum for both artists and visitors. 

The Maritime Quarter

In the cosy Maritime Quarter in the eastern harbour of Mariehamn, the ship building traditions live on. Make a visit to the smithy or the boat building ship yard or visit the boat exhibitions in the museum and in the newly built lighthouse. Here you can also purchase art handicraft, made in Åland.

The castle of Kastelholm

The castle in Kastelholm is the only medieval castle in Åland. The castle was built in the 1300’s and has since had several royal guests. In 1556 the Swedish king Gustav Vasa visited the castle and in 1571 king Erik XIV was prisoner there.

Jan Karlsgården open-air museum

Near the Kastelholm castle is also Jan Karlsgården open air museum that depicts a typical Åland farm from the end of the 1800’s. In the same area is also the old prison Vita Björn from 1784. The prison was used for almost 200 years and is now a museum.

The fortress ruins of Bomarsund

The Russian fortress in Bomarsund was an incredible structure before the British and French destroyed it during the Crimean War in 1854. This was an event that founded the Åland demilitarisation. But still today the ruins are worth a visit; for example, don’t miss the fantastic view from Notvikstornet.

The Åland Hunting and Fishing Museum

The museum in Eckerö tells fascinating tales about how the natives hunted and fished long ago. Children can also dig for glass pearls, play on the children’s fishmarket and also paint their own plaster figure to bring home.

Ålands Bryggeri

Ålands Bryggeri produces Åland beer such as Stallhagen Delikat and Baltic Porter. A tour in the brewery will give you an experience that covers everything from the beginning to the end of the brewery process. After the guided tour you can sample the beer at the same time as you have a view of cooking it the gastro pub.



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