It’s popular to combine holidays or a shorter break with exercise and races. Åland has many races to choose from – and afterwards you can reward yourself with the nature and culinary experiences Åland has to offer.karingsund-triatlon_2013_7d_3269_copy

The locals are active and Åland is the region of Europe that has the most sports facilities per capita. There are running and cycle races of different lengths and with different features, as well as other sports events for all tastes, for both amateurs and professionals, and the events are spread throughout the year.


Races 2017

Sjöjungfruloppet in Mariehamn May 6. Women 5 km and 10 km.

BrändÖluffen in the island municipality of Brändö May 20. Half-marathon or 10 km.

Together 4 Life – race against cancer in Mariehamn June 10. Run 10 km, walk 5 km or take part in the relay race 3 x 3,5 km for a important cause. There will be also an own race for tykes and kids: Knattelopp 400 m (children up to 6 years) and Barnlopp 1500 m (children up to 12 years). Start and finish area are located at the market square of Mariehamn.


Käringsundsloppet in Eckerö July 1-2. Bicycle event with both race and open series. A combined road and time trial race approx. 165 km, as well as open class: 10 km, 33 km or 85 km. For children 10 km. 

Semesterloppet in Eckerö July 8 – exercise for the whole family. Run, jog or walk – all ways are good ways. Distances: 12 km, 8 km or 4 km, for children approximately 1km.

Bomarsund Open Water Challenge in Sund August 5. Open water swimming event in the scenic and historic surroundings of Bomarsund. Open water swim 1500 m for both amateurs and licensed swimmers. Fitness category, as well as race categories for women and men. One euro of each registrations fee will be donated to the Baltic Sea Fund. 


Bomarsund Trail Run in Sund August 5. The third year in a raw for the Trail Run race in Bomarsund, Åland. Along trails in a historic setting. Distances: 12 km or 4,5 km.

Käringsund triathlon in Eckerö August 25–26. Race and fitness categories in supersprint, olympic- and halfdistance as well as a mini-triathlon for kids and toddlers. Also elite, women, company and family classes. Käringsund Triathlon is the first scandinavian qualifying race, to be added to the Escape TO Alcatraz Triathlon Series.

New for 2017: Käringsund Aquathlon Special – a race for children and adults with disabilities. We want everyone to be able to take part of the event.

During 2017-18 Käringsund will be proud organizer of the Open Finnish Championships in Olympic distance for adults, incl. paratriathlon and youth 19–23 years, as well as in supersprint for youth 15–17 years.

Skördeloppet in Haddnäs, Lemland during the Åland Harvest Festival September 22–24. Fun race on obstacle course 5 km. A shorter race for children 7-15 years old. 

Åland SwimRun
 September 23. Fitness category 14 km in Eckerö or 48 km from Havsvidden in Geta to Käringsund in Eckerö. 

New for 2017: a shorter and beginner-friendly route, SUPERSPRINT, for the older kids in the family or for everyone who wants to try the sport.

Kanonloppet and Ålandsmarschen October 14. Kanonloppet is a terrain run with serveral running races and distances: Kanonloppet 19 km, Kanonloppet 19 km for mountain bikes, Ålandsmarschen 19km or 12 km, Lilla Kanonloppet 7,5 km or 3,5 km for teenagers, Julleloppet 1 km for children.

Åland Marathon och 1⁄2 Marathon October 28. Start and finish near Hotel Arkipelag in Mariehamn. Choose between marathon, half marathon, 10 km and 5 km.

Nyårsruset in Mariehamn December 31st. Start and finish right by the swimming centre Mariebad. Distances 7,4 km or 9,5 km. 

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