Sport fishing

Sport fishing

The Åland archipelago is a varied seascape with many islands and skerries, fine sea bays and long coastlines with short distances between the inner and outer archipelago. In the waters surrounding Åland there are all kinds of fish, from pike, perch, pikeperch and whitefish to sea trout and salmon - this is why sport fishermen also enjoy Åland!

If you ask a sport fishing guide what he likes best about fishing in Åland, he'll reply:
"The landscape is incredibly beautiful, you can fish all year round in different places and there is a lot of fish."


Sport fishing guides

If you want to get the most out of your fishing trip to Åland we recommend that you hire a sport fishing guide, at least the first day, if you choose to stay more than one day. The fishing guides know the fishing grounds and help you direct your fishing experience the right way. You are guaranteed to catch more fish and you'll get to see more of Åland. Additionally you can fully concentrate on the fishing while the guide takes care of the navigation.

Fishing guides

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Phone: +358 44 2538937
Address: Norragatan 3 B 4 Mariehamn

Region:   |   Show on map
Web: www.alandfishing.com

 Ålands Turist & Konferens
Phone: +358 18 15349
Address: Strandgatan 31 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.turistkonferens.com
Contact: Send request

Our travel puzzle includes all ferries and flights which traffic Åland, and all of the activities while here and en route.

 Anderssons Båt & fiskecharter
Phone: +358 457 5267174
Address: Kolsvidjavägen 253 Sund

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: home.aland.net/christiana
Contact: Send request

Fish guiding and roundtrip excursions in the Åland archipelago. You'll be guided to great places where we will fish for pike, perch, trout or salmon. I fish large areas and if it gets windy, we'll always find a calmer place. No matter what the weather, you'll always be in secure hands. This is the alternative for you if you're looking for a warm, roomy and seaworthy boat.

 Asterholma Stugby
Phone: +358 457 5483993
Address: Asterholma Lappo

Region: Northern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.asterholmastugby.n.nu
Contact: Send request

We can offer you a unforgettable retreat with a fantastic nature to explore. Asterholma is quiet and peaceful. A small island with 7 inhabitants in the Finnish archipelago called Åland.

 Bomans Stugor
Phone: +358 18 48213
Address: Stålsby Tjudö

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.visitaland.com/bomansstugor
Contact: Send request

With us you will truly enjoy your vacation. You can choose between 12 well-equipped cottages. We offer unique possibilities for both relaxation and activities all year. The beach sauna is situated on top of the bedrock just five meters from the sea. .

 CoJa Fishing
Phone: +358 18 51 286
Address: Föglövägen 1262 Föglö

Region: Southern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.coja.nu

 Djurmo Turism
Phone: +358 40 506 4777
Address: Jurmo Jurmo

Region: Northern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.jurmo.ax

 Estvik Lodge, Svinö Stugbyar
Phone: +358 40 6795840
Address: Stugbyvägen 26 Lumparland

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.svinostugby.com

Phone: +358 18 19722
Address: Torggallerian, Torggatan Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.fiskarboden.com

Phone: +358 457 342 0538
Address: Måsvägen 5 C 28 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.fiskelyckan.ax
Contact: Send request

Our boat, the Fiskelyckan, has been specially constructed and fully equipped for sports fishing.

 Glada Laxen
Phone: +358 18 55304
Address: Bärö Kumlinge

Region: Northern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.gladalaxen.com
Contact: Send request

Glada Laxen is situated in Kumlinge in Åland's eastern archipelago. This is a paradise if you want to enjoy good food and a comfortable stay in a peaceful environment by the sea.

 Holmströms Stugor
Phone: +358 457 0826844
Address: Baggvik 58 Eckerö

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.holmstromsstugor.ax
Contact: Send request

We offer you well equipped cottages, wonderful sea views and a children friendly area with lawns and smooth bedrock. All cottages have five stars and five of them have an open fire place. The cottages are facing east and west and are situated near the water. The rent includes an 8 h.p. Mixbuster boat.

 Hotell Gullvivan
Phone: +358 18 56350
Address: Björnholma Brändö

Region: Northern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.gullvivan.ax

 Kökar Båttransport
Phone: +358 40 5539862
Address: Karlby Kökar

Region: Southern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.brudhall.com

 MaPa Fishing Team
Phone: +358 457 0789560
Address: Östra hamnen Mariehamn

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.mapafishingteam.com
Contact: Send request

We offer fishing experiences for EVERYBODY. You are just as welcome to fish in the Nordic countries best fishing waters if you are just a beginner or an experienced sport fisherman on the hunt for a giant pike. Pike, perch, sea trout and pikeperch just waits for you.

 Norrö Fishing Camp
Phone: +358 40 5486228
Address: Norrövägen 42, Bamböle Emkarby

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.norro.ax
Contact: Send request

Norrö is like a 200-year-old champagne discovered in Åland – mature and well-balanced. Prepared to include exciting fishing, comfortable accommodation, own fishing tours and personal service. Topped with ”Älgen”, a new house that suits the most exacting tastes. But includes the most modern amenities. Wi-fi does not reduce the significance of nature in the archipelago, which is the most important element in the aroma. Comes highly recommended, not only to those keen on fishing but also to all tired big-city dwellers!

 Rundbergs Stugor
Phone: +358 18 32664
Address: Möstigen 15 Gottby

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: -

Phone: +358 18 525565
Address: Silverskär Saltvik

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.silverskar.ax
Contact: Send request

An island completely for your own use in the Northern Åland archipelago. An island suitable for meetings and conferences, for kick-offs, parties, fishing and hunting, but also for recreation. Silverskär lies only a stone’s throw from the main island. For groups only.

 Simfonia AB
Phone: +358 457 3421542
Address: Vettaskåran Emkarby

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.visitaland.com/simfonia
Contact: Send request

Our company deals with what we love. We love angling and that is what our business is. Complete sport fishing packages, boat and house rental.

 Skarpnåtö Turistanläggning
Phone: +358 18 37227
Address: Skarpnåtövägen 1560 Hammarland

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.aland.com/skarpnato

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