Welcome to enjoy the bounty of Åland harvest! It’s fresh, green, ripe, locally produced and pure pleasure for the eye and taste buds.

Åland Harvest Festival 2017, held 22–24 September, will soon be here, and the local farmers will have the chance to showcase their fresh raw produce for visitors. Come and take a taste of the Åland Harvest Festival that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and learn more about the life in the countryside.

Sneak preview

Take a sneak preview by watching the film about the Åland Harvest Festival 2015 by David Lundberg.

Encounters in the countryside

The Harvest Festival highlights the beautiful autumn colors and offers exciting encounters – the consumer meets the producer, young meets the old, the town-dweller meets the farmer. This popular event for the whole family follows the good tradition and is divided into three themed events – Open Farms, popup activities “Plåpp Åpps” and Restaurants.

During the Harvest Festival you can visit the Open Farms all around Åland and enjoy different kinds of activities and program, as well as sample and buy delicious, local products. You have the opportunity to discover Åland countryside and to meet down-to-earth people in beautiful surroundings.

Plåpp Åpp – the Åland variation of temporary pop-up places and events all around Åland. Plåpp Åpp activities give an insight into the daily life of a local farmer and producer.

You can also enjoy delicious and fresh local meals. The Harvest Festival Restaurants will offer menus that are based on local produce and that will highlight the local culinary profile. Some hotels and B&B’s serve a genuine Åland breakfast each morning. Take the chance to enjoy an abundance of Ålandic culinary delights. Read more about the restaurants and farms with catering at www.skordefest.ax.

Visit the website and plan your route according to the open farms and to the sales of your favorite products and meals!


Harvest Festival Pass

New for this year is the Harvest Festival Pass including the parking ticket. The Harvest Festival pass costs 10 € each and applies to one car for all three amazing Harvest Festival days 22–24.9.2017. The Harvest Festival pass will not only give you access to parking on all farms, restaurants and Plåpp Åpp activities, but it also contains a range of benefits and superb offers. With the pass you will also have a chance to win exquisite products when you fill in which places you have been to around Åland (Open Farms, Restaurants or Plåpp Åpp) and hand it on the last place you will be visiting during the Åland Harvest Festival.

Read more and decide where to pick up the pass. You can buy your Harvest Festival Pass via Visit Åland’s online booking.

Buss trips

If you don’t have a car of your own or if you prefer public transport, there will be two bus excursions to some of the open farms on Saturday 23 September.

The buss trip with Viking Line Buss to Marskogens lamm, Karl-Ers gården, Haga Kungsgård and Mattas Gårdsmejeri will take place 12.15 am–5.45 pm and can be booked on before hand. The buss drives via the ferry terminal in Mariehamn at 12.30 am and 6 pm and the excursion can be combined with M/S Rosella’s arrival at 12.15 am and departure at 6.30 pm. 

The bus trip with Williams Buss to Marskogens lamm, Karl-Ers gården, Cederbergs and Haga Kungsgård will start at 3 pm and the bus will be back at Mariehamn bus station around 9.30 pm. 

The association Skördefestens Vänner

After the Harvest Festival you can prolong the charming harvest festival atmosphere by signing in as member in the association Skördefestens Vänner. The membership offers you exciting activities all year round. There is a lottery where you can win fun countryside experiences approximately every other month, such as milking a cow, harvest potatoes or other fascinating activities. Welcome!


Welcome to the Harvest Festival on Åland. Enjoy the lovely atmosphere and learn more about the life in the countryside.


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