Sparhallen – Ålands best low fare food shopping

Only five minutes by car from the city centre of Mariehamn, in Maxinge, Ålands onlys shopping center, you will find Sparhallen. At Sparhallen you can find a wide and priceworthy range of groceries, dairy products, bread, meat, fruit and fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, products for body care and baby care. More than that, we also offer most of the things you need for your home, vacation or summer house, including fishing gear, garden furniture and tools, only to mention a few examples.

Sparhallens operating idea is to offer you the cheapest grocery shopping on Åland! We buy our products directly from the suppliers, thus cutting the number of intermediaries. The advantage for you as a customer is lower shopping costs.

Outside Sparhallens main entrance you can find about twenty other shops, cafés and a restaurant, so there is more than one reason to visit Sparhallen and Maxinge. So welcome to the low fare grocery store with the wide product range!


Sparhallen_5339.m.palme Sparhallen_5425.m.palme

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