Getting there

aland ferryThe journey to Åland is half the experience.

The Åland Islands are situated in the heart of Scandinavia, midway between Stockholm and Helsinki. Most people find the boat trip impressive. You can see Sweden's, Finland's and Åland's archipelagos on the way. You can also fly there via Finland and Sweden.

The ferries are actually more like cruise liners. Most travellers from abroad are surprised to find that such enormous vessels operate among such small islands. The boats run several times a day. They have restaurants, entertainment and taxfree shops on board. Tickets are surprisingly cheap, particularly considering they are floating shopping and entertainment palaces.


The shortest route from Sweden leaves from Grisslehamn or Kapellskär outside Norrtälje and takes two hours. From Stockholm there are several route variations. From Finland you can either travel on the smaller archipelago ferries or on the ferries from Turku and Helsinki. If you are travelling from Estonia you would opt for Tallink from Tallin.

Book your trip directly with any of the shipping lines (Eckerö Linjen, Tallink Silja or Viking Line).

Archipelago ferry from Finland

You can take the beautiful sea route from Osnäs or Galtby in Finland, through the archipelago to Hummelvik on Vårdö or to Långnäs in Lumparland on the main island, Fasta Åland. 

To Åland by air

Your flight is via Helsinki, Turku or Stockholm. It takes just half an hour from Stockholm/Arlanda (Sweden) or Turku (Finland) with NextJet and less than an hour from Helsinki/Vanda (Finland) with Flybe. The journey by car from the airport to central Mariehamn only takes five minutes.



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Phone: +358 18 15400
Address: Hamngatan 7 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.alandhotels.fi
Contact: Send request

We offer you the biggest variety of accommodations on Åland. Our booking service will be happy to make your own personal travel package, including travel arrangements and the activities during your stay on Åland.

 Ålands Turist & Konferens
Phone: +358 18 15349
Address: Strandgatan 31 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.turistkonferens.com
Contact: Send request

Our travel puzzle includes all ferries and flights which traffic Åland, and all of the activities while here and en route.

Phone: +358 18 28040
Address: Torggatan 2 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.alandsresor.fi/sv/
Contact: Send request

Ålandsresor is a local travel agency - your most important contact when you plan your next trip. Hotels, cottages, group tours and arrangements.

Phone: +358 18 51213
Address: Ålandsvägen 36 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.axtours.ax

 Birka Cruises
Phone: +358 18 27027
Address: Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.birkaline.com

 Destination Åland
Phone: +358 400 108 800
Address: Styrmansgatan 1 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.destinationaland.com
Contact: Send request

You can book our ready-made travel packages, or put together your own, on our dynamic booking site.

 Eckerö Linjen
Phone: +358 18 28 300
Address: Torggatan 2 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.eckerolinjen.se
Contact: Send request

This is how an exciting Åland vacation begins. In just 2 hours you will travel to Eckerö on Åland with Eckerö Linjen from Grisslehamn in Sweden.

 Flybe Finland Oy
Phone: +358 09 42432086
Address: PL 800 SEINÄJOKI

Region:   |   -
Web: www.flybe.fi

 Granbergs Stugor
Phone: +358 400 225417 (svenska)
Address: Åva Åva

Region: Northern archipelago  |   Show on map
Web: www.visitaland.com/granbergsstugor
Contact: Send request

You'll find our cottages at the island Åva in Ålands north-east archipelago, just 80 km's from Turku and a 35 minutes ferry ride! You may choose between six different cottages and two apartments. One of them is situated on an island. The place is secluded with a beautiful archipelago environment and the ocean is in the immediate area. You can visit us all year round! The summer is wonderful but we can also recommend the quietness and silence in the winter.

 Holmqvists Stugor
Phone: +358 18 32411
Address: Gottby Gottby

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: -

 Lyyskis resor /Lyyskin matkat
Phone: +358 050 526 7086
Address: Storskär 47 Gottby

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.lyyskis.ax

 Mariehamns Taxi
Phone: +358 18 10066
Address: Norra Esplanadgatan 4 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: taxi.ax
Contact: Send request

Mariehamns Taxi operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With our 24 taxis we can collect you from or drive you to anywhere in Åland. Choose the size of car according to your requirements, from an ordinary people carrier to a car that can carry eight passengers. Mobility service also available.

 Simfonia AB
Phone: +358 457 3421542
Address: Vettaskåran Emkarby

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: www.visitaland.com/simfonia
Contact: Send request

Our company deals with what we love. We love angling and that is what our business is. Complete sport fishing packages, boat and house rental.

 Tallink Silja
Phone: +358 18 16711
Address: Torggatan 14 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.silja.com
Contact: Send request

Discover the archipelago at its best. With Silja Line you may book different Åland packages.

 Taxi Åland
Phone: +358 18 37990
Address: Björkliden 2 Hammarland

Region: Åland's main island  |   Show on map
Web: -

 Viking Line
Phone: +358 18 26211
Address: Storagatan 3 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.sales.vikingline.com/en/international/
Contact: Send request

The road to Åland is across the sea and with Viking Line you will surely enjoy your voyage - no matter if you want to relax in a sun chair on deck, shop, play in the playroom, eat well or dance in the bar.

 Viking Line Buss
Phone: +358 18 26 311
Address: Storagatan 2 Mariehamn

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.vikingline.ax

 Williams buss
Phone: +358 18 28 000
Address: Torggatan 2 MARIEHAMN

Region: Mariehamn  |   Show on map
Web: www.williamsbuss.ax
Contact: Send request

Williams Bus arrange travel packages and tours. On board our modern and high-class charter buses, you can sit back comfortably and let us make your bus ride into an experience and an adventure.

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