Museifartyget Pommern

Västerhamn, 22100 MARIEHAMN, Åland, Finland
Phone: +358 18 19930


The Museum-ship Pommern - A world unique museum-ship in Åland!

The 4-mast sailing vessel ”Pommern” is the only ship of its kind in the entire world that is preserved in its original condition! She was built in Glasgow in Scotland by a German shipping company and was launched in 1903. In 1923 she was bought by the shipper Gustaf Erikson in Mariehamn that eventually owned the largest sailing ship fleet in the world. She sailed until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 and during that time she only visited her home harbour five times. She shipped wheat between Australia and England among other things.

Since 1957 Pommern has been a museum-ship and is moored next to the Åland maritime museum in the western harbour in Mariehamn. Pommern is a splendid monument representing a proud era in the sailing- and the past history of Åland.

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During the time that Pommern is not available to the public there’s a possibility to rent the localities on the ship for private events.

Information onboard, permanent photo exhibition in English and a film with English subtitles.


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