Föglö kommun

Welcome to Föglö – a genuine archipelago municipality in the southern part of Åland

Föglö offers something very special with its many islands and skerries and diversified nature.

In the summertime in Föglö there are many activities and many visitors — both on the main island and in the beautiful surrounding archipelago. Here you can choose to hike along trails of great natural beauty, paddle, fish or just have a good meal. There is something for all the senses and lots to discover — stay longer than just a day or two!

You can travel to Föglö conveniently with one of the inter island ferries or why not by your own boat. You are welcome to stay in one of our fine guest harbours.



The idyllic village Degerby with its picturesque wooden houses and old captain villas is well worth a visit. Centrally you will find all necessary services such as a post office, bank and a genuine archipelago grocery shop.

The village also features the Föglö Museum which is housed in the custom’s old warehouse, a creative themed museum with different exhibitions every summer. The Föglö Tourist Information, which is open in the summer, is also located in Degerby.


How to reach Föglö

You can travel to Föglö via the village Svinö in Lumparland, some 25 minutes car ride from Mariehamn. MS Knipan will bring you to Föglö in 25 minutes.

If you would rather arrive at Överö on Föglö’s northern coast, you can ride a ferry from Långnäs, about half an hour car ride from Mariehamn. This ferry ride is about 40 minutes.

Also the smaller «cross line» ferry from Kumlinge to Långnäs makes port at Överö twice a day. Choose the «southern line» past Kökar and Sottunga to Föglö/Överö if you are travelling from the Turku archipelago.

Read more about the Åland archipelago traffic communications.


Tourist Information

The tourist information is located in the library about 100 meters from the ferry harbour. Open in summer.

…a Föglö stay will touch you

Here you will find addresses, telephone numbers and information about Föglö’s official services, communications and rental service etc.




Municipality Information



On the picture: Enigheten in northern Föglö has hundreds of years of tradition as both guesthouse and court house — the last district court session was held here as late as in 1944.

Food and drink

Where you should eat in Föglö depends on what you feel like eating — there are several restaurants and cafés to choose from. In the village Degerby you will find Degerby Mat & Café with several menus to choose in between.

In cosy Gästhem Enigheten home cooked meals and the traditional Åland pancake are served and in the fish restaurant Seagram there is a fish buffet.



There are many lodging alternatives in Föglö. Choose an accommodation close to nature in a cottage, at a camping ground or a more comfortable stay in Degerby Mat & Café.

In Enighetens guesthouse, a former courthouse and inn, you will experience an environment that dates back to the 1700’s. Many of the cottages, such as for example Gustavssons Stugor and Isakssons Stugby are situated beautifully by the water with access to both beach and fishing. Föglö also offers overnight cottages and camping, a good alternative if you are on a bicycle or motorcycle vacation.


Restaurang Seagram_Föglö


Boating life

The Föglö archipelago with its several hundred islands and skerries ensures that your boat trip will be an adventure. Moore in one of the beautiful natural harbours, such as Björkör — an old archipelago farmstead and nature reserve. Remember the regulations of the right of public access!

In Degerby there are two guest harbours which offer both shelter from most winds and closeness to all services. In the harbours you may also refill petrol and water and if you need electricity there are electric outlets on the pier. There are also service buildings with toilets, showers and washing rooms. In the evening you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.


Excursion destinations and sights

Sometimes it feels good to just relax and enjoy the stillness and closeness to the sea and nature. We recommend a walk along our beautiful nature trails. Hastersboda’s nature trail offers a beautiful pine forest and Vargskär’s nature trail is edged by orchids in spring and early summer. Don’t forget your picnic basket!

The Maria Magdalena church is situated near an old fairway; Kyrksundet. The Föglö Museum is situated by the ferry harbour in one of the old custom’s warehouses from 1826.


Föglö_kyrka3_HI  Föglömuseet_01_Föglö




Experience Föglö



A pleasant cycling tour across lush Föglö is very relaxing! Why not visit the church which is open for visitors Tuesdays through Saturdays in the summer (11.6-17.8) and for the Sunday service. The church is about ten minutes pedalling from Degerby. If you would like some variety on your way back, you can cycle through the village Björsboda where the red farmhouses are scattered among stony, old fashioned cow pastures along the way.

A ride across the «Golden Gate», as the bridge to the eastern parts of Föglö is called colloquially, will take you to a picnic in Sanda, where the community cottage «Amalias» by the water, invites you to a summer market each July. If you pedal to the end of the road in Hastersboda it will feel refreshing to take a swim at the beach!

If you want to make a one day trip to Föglö you can take the ferry from Långnäs to Överö and then pedal along the road to Degerby. If you then take the ferry to Svinö you are about half an hour’s ride from the starting point in Långnäs. A dip in the sea along the way and finally dinner in one of the restaurants in Degerby!



Many consider a hike along a red dirt road, edged with summer flowers, a typical Åland summer pleasure. Or go for a hike along one of the hiking trails in Jyddö (starting point at the radio mast by the road) or in Hastersboda (starting point at Isakssons Stugby).

There are picnic tables available and bird watching towers that, especially in spring, offer excellent possibilities for bird watching. Sea Eagles are a common sight year round in Föglö and the birding life in spring is sometimes loud and always exciting!



There are a number of sounds, sea bays and canals that are especially suitable for paddling. The Björsbodasundet is a long waterway that parts the western parts of Föglö from the so called «Kyrklandet» and offers sheltered paddling along canals and bays.

North of CC-Camping are suitable paddling areas, including canals east and north of Jyddö. Calmer waters are reached quickest from Hastersboda. The archipelago south of the main Föglö island offer splendid nature experiences! For staying overnight we recommend cottages, guesthouses or camping, because the right of public access is restricted on Åland!



The best fishing seasons are in early spring and autumn and there are five different fishing licence areas to choose from. Most cottage hosts offer fishing licences for sale and they can also be purchased in the banks in Degerby.

Fishing guiding is a good way to get acquainted with the surroundings and get local tips about where the fishing is best at the moment. Why not combine a fishing tour with an excursion to, for example, the archipelago farmstead on Björkör or a seal safari? Contact Coja Fishing or Isakssons Stugby.



For more information visit Föglö´s Events calendar and Visit Åland´s Events.




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