Lemlands kommun

Lemland is a municipality full of culture and history spanning several centuries. From Freja, Fortuna, Fredrika and Frans – the four wind turbines on the Knutsboda hills – back in time via two world wars, the era of the farmer-shipowners, the Middle Ages, and all the way back to the Stone Age.

The first Lemlanders to cultivate the land lived here in the late Iron Age. You can see their burial mounds along the country roads and at the edges of fields, overgrown with wild roses and weeds.

Today this agricultural district has entered the age of the commuter, where it has become an attractive alternative close to Mariehamn, not least for families with children. The population in 2007 was 1 773.


lemland-rodhamn lemland

lemland-pellas lemland-kanalkalas


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