Northern Åland

Northern Åland awaits you

Help yourself to the diversity of experiences that Northern Åland offer.

Castles and ancient forts, hiking trails and watch towers, markets and festivals. Beaches, swimming pool and museums. Here you can find the highest mountain, the biggest village and the most golf holes. An open landscape with fertile plains, barren rocks and roaring seas awaits you.
We guarantee that you find something that appeals to you!

Northern Åland consists of the municipalities Finström, Geta, Saltvik and Sund.
This is the place where the first Ålanders set foot once. Experience part of Åland’s history at Bomarsund fortress ruins, the Kastelholm castle, in Finström’s church or by visiting one of the small museums. During e.g. the Viking market in Saltvik and Gustav Vasa-days in Sund, the wing beats of history comes alive.


The archipelago of Northern Åland

The archipelago of Northern Åland is the most beautiful one – at least in the eyes of the locals! Nature alternates from isles with forests, windswept skerries and enormous flat rocks polished smooth by the mighty Northern Sea.


Small museums

The small museums in Northern Åland are an alternative, if you are looking for a different kind of outing. They all have their own character. The prison museum Vita Björn, Bomarsund’s museum, Dånö home district museum and Bomärket museum are some examples.


The Castle of Kastelholm and the golf course

A visit to the Castle of Kastelholm and the open air museum Jan Karlsgården is a must when you visit Northern Åland. The castle is the only medieval fort in Åland.

Do you play golf? Beautiful Kastelholm offer two 18 hole courses: Slottsbanan and Kungsbanan. Slottsbanan is ranked as one of the top 100 courses in Europe outside Great Britain.


Åland’s biggest ancient castle and Idas stuga

Borgberget is one of Åland’s most important sights from the Iron Age. The mountain, with ruins from an ancient castle, rises up south of the estate Borgboda in the east of Saltvik.
When you are in Borgboda, also take the chance to visit Ida’s stuga.


The fortress ruins in Bomarsund

In Bomarsund, you find ruins from impressive defence installations, residential areas and burial grounds. The museum at Prästö / the Telegraph, describes the time well, with among other things a miniature model of the area. Every year in August, a market in 1800s style is arranged.



In Getabergen, 98 meters over the Northern Sea, there are interesting paths for all ages. A watch tower and a restaurant is located on top of the mountain.


Handicraft and farm shops

Handicraft from Åland is a high quality keepsake, sold directly from the local artisans. Äppelboden in Västanträsk, Marskogens lamm in Svartsmara, Enebo cafe and Linastugan in Geta are a few examples.


Active holiday

Golf, hiking trails, fitness centres, exercise tracks and tennis lawns are some of the enticing things Northern Åland has to offer.
There are good possibilities if you want to look around on a bike or in a canoe. For the fishing enthusiast, Northern Åland has great waters to try your luck in fishing.


Geta poetry and song

Every summer, a festival full of feeling is arranged for everyone who wants to listen to music and peculiar poetry outdoors.
Hear the first birdsong by the sea at dawn, music at the boathouses and poetry on the rocks. Geta poetry and song is a unique experience.



Ålands Idrottscenter

Ålands Idrottscenter is a complete sports facility for the sports enthusiast. ÅIC offer gym, strength training and a swimming pool where you can focus on training or tough competitions.
ÅIC also has a hostel.



Viking Market

Every year on the last weekend in July, the biggest Viking Market in Finland is arranged in the village of Kvarnbo. Three days in a row the village is invaded by Vikings from all around Europe. Viking age took place a thousand years ago – take the chance to experience it for a day!
In 2011 the Viking Market is arranged Thursday July 28th – Saturday July 30th.




For hundreds of years, Godby has been a regional centre for Northern Åland. The ancient burial ground and royal tumuli gives an aura of ancient times. Godby, with a little more than 900 inhabitants, offers all the service you need. For example banks, post office, shops, health centre, diners.


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JaRo Guiding

Jaro Guiding offers a wide selection of different fishing activities around Eckerö. There are tours suitable for those who have never been fishing before to the professionals, and if none of the standard tours fit I will arrange special arrangements on request.

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AB Långören

We offer comfortable accommodation in traditional archipelago style: The cottage is new, build alike elderly houses typical for the archipelago. The cottage is well equipped and furnished with attention to detail. We used local handicrafts in decorating the cottage.

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Ele & Kele

Hos Ele & Kele hittar ni Ålands största urval av åländsk granit och unika smycken med pressade blommor från den åländska naturen.

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Brobacka gästhem

Brobacka guest house is situated beautifully by Ämnes stream in Jomala. We have four rooms for rent with two to three beds each. We also have a café with homemade pastries and a shop with handicraft.

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Restaurang Nautical

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Hasslebo Gästhem

Hasslebo Gästhem, ett ekologiskt gästhem på Kumlinge, har tre nyrenoverade dubbelrum och ett fyrabäddsrum, tält- och husbilsplatser, självförsörjningskök, uppehållsrum, husbibliotek, stereoställ och vedeldad bastu.

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Nu har du möjlighet att hyra en hel ö med stuga och bastu i Vårdö skärgård. Ön Lökskär, 16 hektar, ligger i Grundsunda skärgård, ca 15 min. båtfärd från Hummelvik på östra Vårdö. Stugan är ca 45 kvm och har 5-6 bäddplatser.

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