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Welcome to Friluftsentreprenörerna S.G.U!


With us you’ll get the opportunity to challenge yourself and test your limits with pulse raising experiences and adrenaline filled adventures! How about exciting climbing or a guided kayak tour? A visit to us is guaranteed to become a memory for life!


You can hire a kayak and any additional paddling equipment at the Friluftsentreprenörerna in Lervik, Mariehamn. «Paddelboden», the kayak and SUP (stand up paddleboard) rental is open daily at 10-15 and other time by agreement.

Courses and guided tours

We offer paddling courses at different levels led by NIL-certified paddling instructors (NIL= Nordic Instructor Licence). Moreover, we arrange guided paddling tours in the Åland archipelago. We also offer guided tours to the pilot station on Kobba Klintar outside Mariehamn.

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