Stormskärs Konferens och Värdshus

Västerövägen 176, Simskäla, 22550 Vårdö, Åland, Finland
Phone: +358 18 47560, +358 400 783086

Northern archipelago

Stormskärs Värdshus & Konferens

Östergårds in eastern Simskäla is an archipelago farmstead from the late 1800's. The genuine farm environment enhances any visit to Stormskärs Konferens & Värdshus. The homestead has been in the family since 1755 and the little archipelago farm is run by Lena and Mikael Lindholm.

As a curiosity it can be mentioned that the house is the childhood home of the author Anni Blomqvist. She was first and foremost known for her epic novels about Stormskärs-Maja. In the 1970's a film about Maja was filmed on the island Väderskär. You are welcome to follow us on a trip to the island.

We also run an ecological farm and we have Highland Cattle cows grazing our pastures. Additionally there are about 250 hectares of forest and hills and 2000 hectares of fine fishing grounds.

You will stay in fresh renovated rooms and our bottom floor is fully handicap accessible. The ground floor also involves a sauna, shower and toilets. Here is also our restaurant that seats 35 persons. One of our double rooms is suitable as a meeting room and the 30m2 conference room in the old dining hall, and all our other rooms, have access to broadband.In the attic there are an additional 5 double rooms, 2 toilets and a shower and our cosy sitting room with a fireplace.

Rum  Stormskär-hus  Matsal 

With us you can arrange a conference, fish, hunt and experience the archipelago with all its charms, close up.

In the winter we arrange exciting tours on long distance skates and with a four wheeler.

Stormskärs Konferens & Värdshus is situated on the island Simskäla in the northern part of Vårdö. You will conveniently reach us by way of two cable ferries that traffic around the clock without a timetable.

The travel time from Mariehamn is about one hour and from Eckerö and Långnäs one hour and fifteen minutes. 

Welcome to Stormskär!

Contact Mikael in Stormskärs Konferens & Värdshus ph: +358 400 783 086, home phone/fax: +358 18 47502 or email: for further information and suggestions for conference packages.

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