It is easy to get around the Åland Islands, both by land and sea. The furthest distance between east and west on the main Åland island is no more than 50 km. The ground rules are simple: all islands that are inhabited have ferries and paths. If you want to get to the other islands you are best off going by boat.

The Åland Islands are known as cycle-friendly islands. The short distances from A to B make them excellent for cycling. The fact is that a large part of the Åland experience is to get out to the islands, to the small villages. Try out all the differents modes of travel and you’ll get the most out of your trip!


Public transport

Public transport in Åland includes buses, archipelago ferries and taxi connections in the archipelago municipalities.

Buses and taxis in Åland use vehicles with good accessibility features. Low-floor buses will be introduced from 2018, even in the countryside.

Bus lines

The countryside buses leave from the bus station by the town library in Mariehamn. You can choose between five different routes that take you out into the municipalities on the main island of Åland.

The countryside buses leave from the bus station by the town library in Mariehamn. In the evenings and at weekends there is a limited bus service. The countryside buses have a maximum tariff of 4.50 € (2019), which also applies if you change buses.

With the town buses in Mariehamn (Mariehamnsbussen) you can take round trips travelling both northwards and southwards in the town. The start and end station for all bus routes is located in the middle of the town centre opposite the post office near the junction where Nygatan meets Torggatan.

The buses operate Monday−Friday at 06.50−21.50 one-two times an hour and summer time Monday−Friday at 07.20−17.50 once an hour. The one way ticket cost only 2 euro for adults and 1 euro for children at the age of 7–11 years (one way).

In the summertime there is a combination bus service from Turku through the northern archipelago to Mariehamn and back.

Taxis in Åland

There are plenty of taxis in Åland. There are taxis available at the airfield when planes arrive. There are taxi telephones in the ferry terminals.

Did you know that all taxis in Mariehamn have personal registration plates with names on them? The names are of old ships from Åland. There are taxis called “Prompt”, “Carmen” and “Moshulu”. More information about the name-giving ship is available inside the taxi.

Archipelago ferries


Where the country roads end you can continue your journey out among the islands in the archipelago with Ålandstrafiken’s archipelago ferries. People travel for free but you have to pay for a ticket for your vehicle and bicycle.

If you are going to travel on the archipelago ferries, we recommend that you contact Ålandstrafiken for information relating to accessibility on board. The archipelago ferries were not included in the inventory. The same also applies to the bicycle ferry M/S Silvana and RBS car hire.

Contact Ålandstrafiken on tel. +358 18 25 600 for bookings and more information about the public transport system.


Four lines

Ålandstrafiken’s ferries connect the Åland mainland with the archipelago and the Finnish Turunmaa region. 

The northern line goes from Hummelvik in Vårdö to Kumlinge, Brändö and Osnäs in Gustavs in Turunmaa. The southern line starts out from Långnäs in Lumparland and goes to Föglö, Sottunga, Kökar and Galtby in Korpo in Turunmaa. To travel to Föglö you take the Föglölinjen from Svinö in Lumparland to Degerby or the cross line from Sottunga and Kumlinge or Långnäs to Överö. 


Book your journey

We recommend you to book the journey to Åland well in advance. Especially in the summer and if you are traveling with a car, camper, caravan trailer, mc, bike or other vehicle it’s important to make your reservations well in advance. Book your voyage with the archipelago ferries via their online booking or by calling Ålandstrafiken ph. +358 18 525 600. Contact Ålandstrafiken for bookings and more information about the timetables and public transport system.

Biking and bicycle ferry in Åland

The Åland Islands are known as cycle-friendly islands. The short distances from A to B make them excellent for cycling.

It doesn’t get much more cycle-friendly than this! The paths are excellent, and the archipelago ferries take you from one island to another for a small charge. The short distances make it easy to travel around and discover the whole of Åland on a bicycle. Read more under the “Do” menu. There is plenty to read about cycling!

If you are discovering Åland by bicycle then the The Silvana bicycle ferry is an option. Together with the cycle paths it creates a connected network of paths that make it possible for you not to have to cycle back the same way. The bicycle ferry between Geta and Hammarland operates according to a timetable during June, July and August.

Car rental in Åland

You don’t need to take your car when you go to Åland – you can hire one when you get there. RBS biluthyrning will bring your car to your hotel, or to meet your flight or ferry, within Mariehamn at no cost. The company works together with Europcar and Hertz, which means that you can hire from your home country. Please note that Europcar’s or Hertz prices will apply when you hire your car through them.

The car hire company is located by the St1 petrol garage at Strandgatan 1 B, Mariehamn. Contact them by telephone on +358 18 525 505 or go to



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