Åland is the perfect destination for conference and group tours. Here are excellent premises for meetings and much to see and experience in the form of activities, culture and sights.

It’s also quick and convenient to travel to the island world from Sweden and Finland. The short boat ride or flight to Åland, also creates a feeling of really being abroad.
Travelling on Åland is easy because of its smallness. It’s possible to experience much in a short time. You don’t have to stay very long to see the best of what Åland has to offer.

Conference organisers

The conference and group-tour organisers in Åland will help you book your trip, accommodations and different arrangements or activities that are of interest to your company.


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Grottstigen – rock formations and dwarf pines

The Grottstigen cave trail starts from Getabergen, one of Åland’s highest hills that rises almost 100 metres above the sea level. It offers magnificent view over the islands and skerries and across the open sea, as well as breathtaking rocky slopes and exciting rock formations and caves.

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Jyddö – sea fowl and butterflies

The landscape is varied with open areas and partly rolling terrain. On higher rocky hills you get scenic views of both cultural and archipelago landscapes. Bird life is rich with seabirds and a white-tailed eagle is a common sight. Along the path there is a lookout tower and several nice picnic spots with tables.

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Hastersboda – seashores and magical coniferous forests

The trail goes over rocky shorelines and through an old, untouched coniferous forest. Information boards along the trail depict the life of the bygone days: fishing, farming, forestry traditions and self-sufficiency. The birdlife is rich, and there is a bird watching tower with splendid sea views.

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Lappo – archipelago nature and a midsummer pole

The trail presents the beautiful diversity of the archipelago nature, and the vicinity of the sea is tangible. The trail passes Lappo Disc Golf Park and a picnic table with wonderful sea views, the island’s midsummer pole on Vårdberget hill, as well as the Archipelago Museum in the picturesque harbour.

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Godbyrundan – vast views and foreign trees

The trail around Godby offers prehistoric burial sites, splendid views, diverse nature and a number of rare tree species in an arboretum. The ancient burial site of Björken and Kungshögarna burial site are from the younger Iron Age (400–1000 AD).

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Jåsholm 3 km – deciduous trees and bird life

The trail runs in characteristic archipelago nature with barren rocks and smaller forest areas. Bird life is rich, ans elk, deer, white-tailed deer and fox are also found on the island. Along the trail there are good picnic spots.

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Jurmo 3 km – archipelago spirit and swimming in the sea

The trail runs through a characteristic archipelago environment with beautiful nature and living cultural landscape. Birdlife is rich, and from the trail you can see highland cattle grazing on the nearby meadows. There is a lookout tower with a nice view of the archipelago nature, and a pebble beach and cliffs where you can take a picnic break and a swim.

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Träsket – mire complex with variety

The nature reserve of Träsket is a Natura 2000 area with varying open and partly wet fens where various sedges and reeds grow, and with open ponds amidst dwarf shrubs. Träsket is an important habitat for fen birds, cranes nest within the reserve and the wildlife is rich.

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