The welcoming port of Mariehamn is situated in the very heart of the Baltic Sea, halfway between Finland and Sweden. The Åland Islands consist of altogether 6,700 islands and offer unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage and natural beauty. Åland is an autonomous Swedish-speaking and demilitarized region in Finland, with its own flag, stamps, license plates and top domain “ax”.

The perfect complement to the Baltic Sea capitals

For visitors, Mariehamn is the perfect antidote to a hectic, big city life style of the  Baltic Sea capitals of Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. Mariehamn with its 11,000 inhabitants is a picturesque and friendly town characterized by a hospitable islander lifestyle and a strong maritime culture.

The town was once the home of the world’s largest oceanic sailing ships fleet and is therefore called “port of the last windjammers”. The cozy and small city center is just a short walk (900 m) away from the port and it offers restaurants, cafes, shops as well as beaches, great sights and local attractions. Getting around in Mariehamn is easy and the friendly locals with good English skills are glad to help you in any way they can.

Åland is widely known for its beautiful and unique archipelago, and it offers spectacular ways to experience the nature through e.g. golf, fishing, cycling, hiking or kayaking. Or why not just lay back and enjoy beautiful sights and the great culinary experiences Åland can offer!

Brochures of Åland

In the brochure made by town of Mariehamn you will find information about City Walk with tips for attractions and places to visit in Mariehamn, as well as facts about Mariehamn and the Åland Islands. The brochure is available in English and German.

You are most welcome to browse even other inspirational brochures with information about the travel destination Åland.




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