The Port of Mariehamn and the Åland Islands welcome cruise passengers to discover an exciting cruise destination in the Baltic. Shore excursions can be arranged to all of Åland’s main attractions.

The Maritime Museum and the four-masted s/v Pommern 
The Maritime Museum and s/v Pommern, both world famous, give insight into how the sailors’ life was aboard ship in calm seas, storms and when the captain chased the speed record for the Australia-England sailings, a common route for these ships in the early 1900´s.

The Russian fortress of Bomarsund
The fortress of Bomarsund is an exciting destination for an excursion. It was built in 1832 by the Russian army and the work continued until the fortress was overthrown during the Crimean War in 1854 when it was surrounded by 12.000 French soldiers and some 40 British war ships. The outcome was a given. Even if the fortress was ruined, it is still one of the Åland Island’s most interesting sights. As a consequence of the Crimean War, the Åland Islands were demilitarised and still remain so. The Åland Islands are called the Islands of Peace.

The medieval castle of Kastelholm
Take a tour to the castle of Kastelholm. The castle was built in the 1300’s and has in history been through both sieges and piracy. The Swedish king Gustav Vasa and his sons Johan III and Erik XIV have all spent time at the castle. After the death of Gustav Vasa, his sons fought for power. The fight ended when Johan put his brother Erik in prison. A small room in the castle has been pointed out as Erik’s prison.

Jan Karlsgården – a farmstead from the past
Jump a few hundred years back in time. Visit beautiful Jan Karlsgården, a typical Åland farmstead from the 1800’s. It depicts life as it was before the age of fast food and it is located just a stone’s throw from the castle of Kastelholm. The prison museum Vita Björn is also nearby. Just look across the bay to return to modern times – where one of the most popular golf courses in the Nordic coun¬tries is located.

The Åland churches – stately memories of medieval times
In the 1200’s and 1300’s, after the heathen gods were abandoned, a surprising number of churches were built on the islands. There are still twelve medieval churches. They are possibly the Åland Islands most interesting memories from medieval times considering that their original function remains.

Hunting and fishing were a natural part of everyday life
Everyday life was sometimes harsh for the Ålanders in the past. The Åland Hunting & Fishing Museum in Eckerö depicts the hunter’s and fishermen’s hard work to feed their families.



Food and drink concerns everyone. Visit Åland’s oldest restaurant, ÅSS Segel-paviljongen at the western harbour. It will be a culinary experience and there are many more to experience. Below you find a sample of some of the many tours Mariehamn and Åland has to offer.

See the beer brewing process
If you are interested in beer, the brewery Stallhagen is a given destination. The brewery gives you an insight into beer brewing, and in the brewery pub you may sample Stallhagen Lager. The building has been moved but was originally a barrack room for the Russian coastal artillery.

Viking feast in the Viking Village
The Vikings never cease to amaze – how did they live and what did they eat? Sit down at the long table in the Viking village. You will get served both food and entertainment in a Viking fashion. There are seats for groups of up to 50 persons.  


Active excursions

Physical activities feel great after spending days onboard a cruise ship. The Åland Islands offer golfing, sport fishing, kayak safari, sailing with sailing ships and much more. Below you find a sample of some of the many tours Mariehamn and Åland has to offer.

Play golf on one of the most popular golf courses in the Nordic countries
Åland’s Golf Club’s two golf courses in Kastelholm make up one of the most popular golfing establishments in the Nordic countries. You may enjoy both a sea view and a view of the castle of Kastelholm from some of the holes on the golf courses. The environment inspires you to play dream golf.  

Among the best sport fishing in the Baltic Sea
No matter if you try to break the record for pike, trout or salmon, or are just hunting for nature experiences, the Åland Islands offer one of the most interesting sport fishing grounds in the Baltic Sea. There are also skilled sport fishing guides that supply boats and all equipment needed.  

Kayak safari is an adventure
Kayaking gives you the opportunity to paddle among islands and skerries, explore beautiful sea bays and get really close to nature. Order a complete kayak package with a tour guide. Read more  

Sail on a sailing ship
It’s a special feeling to experience the power and weight of a sailing ship at sea. And if you want to, you may help sail the ship: set sails, sheet home and navigate. Knowledgeable skippers will give you an insight into how the Ålanders used to travel in the old times.


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