Åland is the perfect travel destination if you want to have an active holiday. There are top-class fitness centres and interesting competitions to take part in. Regardless of whether you want to improve your own fitness or go to a training camp with a team, Åland is the best choice if you want to get your heart racing on holiday!

There are plenty of advantages to be had from a trip involving sport and exercise. You’re investing in your own health and will get renewed energy, inspiration and motivation. When the muscles exercise, the brain relaxes and ‘feel-good hormones’ like endorphins and dopamine are released so that you feel happier. Maybe you’ll meet new friends who share your sporting interests, or you’ll strengthen the bond with teammates whom you already know. Your active holiday will also take you to places you might never have gone to as an ordinary tourist, and what you experience will make for wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Sleep and eat well

When you are physically active, it is really important that you sleep well and eat nutritious food. There are plenty of accommodation options and restaurants to choose from in Åland. Maybe you want to stay in a guesthouse, a cottage by the sea or in a modern hotel? Eat where you’re staying or visit a restaurant for an exciting taste sensation? Contact a travel operator for recommendations and help with your booking.

Ten recommendations for an active holiday in Åland

1. Travel to Åland for an enjoyable and challenging fun run. Compete in things like running, triathlon or cycling.

2. Paddle kayak in the archipelago. Take a course, book a guided tour or hire a kayak and set off on your own.

3. Experience Åland on horseback. There are several riding schools and centres with riding facilities that provide courses, riding camps and individual lessons or outdoor rides. Do you want to take your own horse along? Granlunda Gård provides the Bed & Box concept.

4. Try your luck on the Åland golf courses. Distances are short and you’ll have time to play at both the Åland Golf Club and Eckerö Golf during your holiday. Have you not got your green card certification yet? You can do it in Åland!

5. Have a cycling holiday with your friends or with the family. You’ll get close to nature and the sea when you cycle along Åland’s red roads and the distances between attractions, accommodation and places to eat are always short.

6. Discover Åland’s many hiking and nature trails. Did you know that St Olav Waterway goes through Åland? It is the first pilgrim’s route to run through an archipelago and it starts at Turku in Finland, runs through Åland, through Sweden and on to Trondheim in Norway. 

7. Do some long-distance skating on frozen bays, ski on well-tended tracks or try out curling! There are plenty of fun sporting activities to be enjoyed in Åland during the winter. And afterwards you can get warm in a relaxing sauna! 

8. Swimming is a popular form of exercise in Åland, and Mariebad and Åland’s Sports Centre are top-class swimming pools that suit both elite swimmers and fitness enthusiasts. In the summer there are also competitions if you like swimming in open water, for example the Åland Swimrun and the Bomarsund Open Water Challenge!

9. Take your team with you to a training camp in Åland. The facilities available accommodate football, ice hockey, volleyball, racket sports, gymnastics, martial arts, shooting sports, swimming and bowling. Experienced travel operators will be pleased to help you book your boat travel, accommodation and activities.

10. Many Ålander groups organise cups and tournaments that you and your team can take part in. These include the Alandia Cup, a classic football tournament for 11-year-olds, which attracts more than 100 teams every year, the floorball Tournament of Åland and the Senior Winter Games ice hockey tournament.




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