The Järsö Route is 18 km of easy to travel archipelago road reaching across the beautiful small bridges to Järsö where the sea has a rich birdlife.


18 km of easy to travel archipelago road; unmarked


Center of Mariehamn – Ålandsvägen – Västra Ytternäsvägen – Nåtö – Järsö recreation area – return via Gröna Udden’s camping grounds – Parkgatan – center of Mariehamn.

järsö-vägen-ålandSights & Service

Abundant waterfowl, 2 km nature trail through Nåtö forested meadow.

2 km nature trail through Järsö recreation area featuring the nature of the archipelago, flat rock beaches, views of the outer archipelago and grilling area.

In summertime between June & August you can also visit a charming handicraft café Stickstugan Hantverk & Café.

Swimming areas in Espholm, Gröna Udden and Lilla Holmen

Scenic route near the sea, across several bridges and road embankments.


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