Markets, newborn lambs, excellent food and budding nature. Just some of the things you can enjoy in Åland at Easter.

Easter is many people’s favourite holiday. Requirements and expectations are not as high as they tend to be at times such as Christmas and New Year, and instead people can take each day as it comes, making more time for relaxation and convivial gatherings.

In Åland, there are traditional Easter markets where you can taste delicious Easter menus, go to interesting museums and take part in fun activities suited to all ages.

But don’t forget to just “be”. Go for a walk among the spring flowers and sit down somewhere with a view of the sea. Let the sun warm your face and recharge you with masses of fresh energy. Take a few days’ holiday and come to the archipelago to get into the feeling of spring!

Newborn lambs

Do you think that small newborn lambs jumping and skipping are among the sweetest things in the world? Then you can visit Marskogens Lamm in Finström where you can stroke the woolly lambs and find bargains in the farm shop. Marskogens Lamm is open both the weekend before Easter, 13–14 April, and on Easter Saturday 20 April between 12 noon and 16.00.

Have a snack

Several Åland cafés that are closed for the winter will be opening their doors again for Easter. You could, for instance, visit Brobacka Gästhem, which provides light lunches and home-made cakes and pastries a stone’s throw from Ämnesström in Jomala. Brobacka Kafé will be open on 20–21 April between 11.00 and 16.00.

Stickstugan Hantverk & Café in Järsö, ten kilometres south of Mariehamn, is also opening for the season. Enjoy home-made light lunches, browse around the arts and crafts in the farm shop and stroll around the garden around you that is just coming back to life after the winter. Stickstugan is open from 19–21 April between 12 noon and 17.00.

Easter menus

Michael Björklund’s restaurant Smakbyn is a stone’s throw from Kastelholm Castle and serves Easter delicacies such as egg, herring, chocolate and lamb. This Easter they are serving a starter buffet, various main dishes and a delicious dessert buffet. Smakbyn is opening after the winter break on the Monday before Easter, on 15 April. On Good Friday 19 April and Easter Saturday 20 April it will be open from 13.00.

Soltuna Restaurant up on Getabergen will be serving an Easter buffet for four days, 19–22 April. This is somewhere for you to enjoy excellent food and a vast sea view, and then after your meal you can go for a long walk along the Grottstigen. There is more information available about opening hours and a description of the Easter buffet on Soltuna’s website.

Västerro on Herrön in Lemland serves up delicacies from the sea. The focus here is on small-scale fishing and food manufacturing, with a variation of prizewinning Åland fish selections and other delicacies on an Easter theme. Meal sittings on 20–22 April start at 16.00, and you must book your place in advance. The easiest way to do this is by email to [email protected] or by sending a text message to +358 40 745 8299.

Easter market and festival

The traditional Easter market in the square in Mariehamn makes it really easy to get you into an Easter mood. The market will be there on 20 April between 10.00 and 15.00 and is a great place for bargains if you are after local delicacies, arts and crafts and Easter decorations.

Indigo Restaurant & Bar invites you to an Easter festival that will be held between 18-20 April. There will be jazz, an open stage, live music, art, poetry and DJs. The Alandic microbrewery Open Water Brewery has it’s own bar at Indigo during the festival. 

Castle and museums to visit

Kastelholm Castle will be open for Easter on 19–21 April between 10.00 and 16.00. Learn more about the castle with the help of an audio guide, available in Swedish, Finnish and English. There is a children’s room where you can dress up as a prince or princess, or you can go around the castle on the hunt for pirate treasure chests.

The Cultural History Museum of Åland and Åland Islands Art Museum in Mariehamn are open on 18 and 20 April between 11.00 and 15.00. This is where you can learn about Åland’s first inhabitants, who lived 7,500 years ago, and about Åland’s history up to the present day. The Art Museum’s mascot, Busis Byman, has a room of his own where young visitors can discover and experience, think about and philosophise about art. Busis is hiding somewhere in the room and you can search for both figures and tiny paw marks.

Åland Maritime Museum will be open between 11.00 and 16.00 every day over Easter. Climb up the main sail, load cargo and take charge of your own ship. Children can go on treasure hunts with Ruby, the ship’s rat, or learn more about the underwater world and the environment above the surface in the excellent children’s room. The Korallen craft workshop has recycling materials to unleash your creativity.

Easter splash

Du you like to swim, bathe in a whirlpool or go down a water slide? Åland has two large swimming centers, both of which are open over Easter. In Mariehamn you can visit Mariebad, which is open on 20 April between 10.00 and 18.00 and on 21–22 April between 12 noon and 18.00, and in Finström there is Ålands Idrottscenter, which is open on 19–22 April between 12 noon and 18.00.

Exciting quality football

Åland has two football teams at the highest national level, the men’s team IFK Mariehamn and the women’s team Åland United. On Easter Saturday 20 April at 16.00 IFK will play against the team RoPS from Rovaniemi, and you can follow this exciting match together with the teams’ enthusiastic supporters in the stands at Wiklöf Holding Arena. On Easter Monday 22 April at 17.00 it will be Åland United’s turn to take on the team TPS from Turku in the same arena.

Åland in Greenery

Make a note of 25–26 May on your calendar now! That is when the association Skördefestens Vänner will welcome you at the event Åland in Greenery, “Åland Grönskar” – a springlike small sister event to the popular Åland Harvest Festival.

The last weekend in May sees the opening of farms, cafés, restaurants and gardens as visitors like you are invited to taste fresh spring primeurs, stroke newly born lambs and enjoy tender asparagus, blooming apple orchards and light spring evenings.

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