Åland is a well-known and very popular golf destination on the Baltic Sea. You can get here quickly and easily, and the relaxing sea crossing is an enjoyable part of the experience. There are several golf courses – and all the challenges a golfer could wish for.

Long golf season

The golf season is long in Åland – from the beginning of May to the end of October. This is thanks to the sea, which warms Åland in the autumn and keeps the greens in good condition for much longer. The favourable winters also mean that the golf courses are ready to be played from the beginning of spring.

Short distances

It doesn’t take long to get from one golf course to another in Åland. Distances are short so it is no problem at all to play at Eckerö Golf one day and at Åland Golf Club in Sund the next. You can even play one course in the morning and the other in the afternoon! In addition, the distance to your accommodation is short. There are comfortable cottages, friendly guest houses and modern hotels nearby.


Pubs in Åland know how to satisfy a golfer’s hunger after a long day out on the golf course. Visit one of Åland’s restaurants and enjoy après-golf with some delicious dishes made from excellent local raw products. Why not round off the evening at a pub or night club in Mariehamn where artists and DJs tempt you to dance? You can read more about Culinary Åland here.

Take the family with you

Åland is perfect for golfers who want to take their family and friends with them on their holiday. It has activities for people of all ages, so that anyone not wanting to be out on the golf course will find plenty of other things to do before you meet up for dinner. Äventyrsgolfen (Adventure Golf) in Mariehamn is an obvious pit stop for families with children! You can read more about Åland for children here.

Golf packages and conferences

Travel agents in Åland provide affordable and attractive golf packages, which include travel, accommodation and a green fee with reserved start times. Do contact them and they will help you plan your next trip.

The Åland Convention Bureau will help you at no charge to plan a conference in Åland. Combine company golf with fun activities, excellent food and comfortable accommodation.

What’s happening now

Efforts to develop Åland as a golf destination are constantly ongoing and a newly renovated, modern 18-hole course will be opening in 2020 to provide exciting playing experiences.


Read more about the golf courses on Åland in the following two articles: 


Eckerö Golf

Eckerö Golf offers a 18-hole course only a 10-minute drive from the ferry harbour in Eckerö Berghamn and 30-minute drive from Mariehamn.

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golf-agk kopia

Åland Golf Club

Åland Golf Club with its courses has a fabulous location on a headland between two inlets by Kastelholm Castle. King Gustav Vasa used to hunt elk in the area in the 1500s.

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