Åland is an island that is constantly developing. There are plenty of activities awaiting you when you come here this summer. This page has 12 pieces of news for you. Which will you be most keen to experience?


Enjoy a lunch or dinner cruise

The restaurant cruiser Sunnan II tours the Åland archipelago starting in May 2020. The menu highlights local ingredients in season. Step on board the Sunnan II and you’ll experience sights like the castle of Kastelholm from a unique perspective. Sunnan II was built as a steamboat in 1906, and in the beginning it sailed in the lake Saimen, the biggest lake in Finland.

Stay at a cozy guest house

In 2020 the Kvarnbo guest house celebrates 100 years. During the autumn they open a small tasting room next door, called Vinsmedjan. This will become a place where guests can enjoy wine tastings, music and culture.

Visit the old shipowner’s villa in Föglö

The beautiful old shipowner’s villa Carlsro, located in Degerby on the island of Föglö, is being rebuilt to become a hotel in the future. During 2020 the owners will open a café, restaurant and a deli in the historically interesting building from 1912.

See Bomarsund in a new light

Download the Coastal Past app for Iphone or Android and experience Bomarsund in a whole new way. Stroll around the fortress area and read, listen and look at the app to learn about the history of your surroundings.

Stay at a Design Hotel

Have a comfortable stay at the Hotel Svala, a unique Design Hotel on the archipelago island of Kumlinge. The new owner has created accommodation decorated in a minimalistic style in a building that was set up as a hospital in 1931 and has been a hotel since 1971.

Test your limits at the Flowpark

Challenge yourself and your friends in the adventure park at Sandösunds Camping on Vårdö. Flowpark in Åland was completed before the high season 2019. The park has three levels of difficulty and the easiest one is suitable for anyone over the age of ten.

Experience Dinner in the Sea

Have dinner on a little islet out at sea. Rundbergs Stugor & Event offers the concept of Dinner in the Sea, a unique event where you and your friends are served delicacies by Åland’s artisan food producers on a beautifully laid table with the sea lapping all around you. Read more about this unique archipelago experience.

Book a Bed & Box

Take your horse with you on holiday! Granlunda Gård offers the Bed & Box accommodation solution whereby your horse is stabled in a roomy new box while you get to sleep comfortably in the environmentally certified farm hotel.

Sail across the oceans of the world

Experience the ship Pommern in a completely new way. The unique visitor experience “Pommern – 100 days under sail”, that was launched in 2019, takes you on a fictional journey across the oceans of the world. Learn about maritime history and life on board in the 1930s.

Taste a gin from Åland

A new distillery called Slottsdestilleriet opens in Jan Karlsgårdens Wärdshus in Kastelholm during 2020. The first product to be launched is a tasty gin, it will be launched in April. Slottsdestilleriet is a collaboration between Smakbyn, Stallhagen and Silverskär.

Go on a boat trip

Go on a seal safari, visit Märket Lighthouse or experience the rich bird life on Signilskär. The new boat transport company Sefyr organises fantastic excursions to Åland’s western archipelago. You can have a totally unique archipelago adventure tailored to your personal wishes and interests by the experienced boat-master Fredrik.

Try out the racket sport padel

Try out padel, the trendy and fun racket sport, at Tennisklubben MLK. They have opened a new padel and minitennis court ahead of the summer of 2019 where you can try out the racket sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. Padel is usually played in doubles using all the walls around the court. Take your friends with you and book a court – you can hire a racket from MLK.



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