The Åland archipelago is a varied seascape with many islands and skerries, fine sea bays and long coastlines with short distances between the inner and outer archipelago. In the waters surrounding Åland there are all kinds of fish, from pike, perch, pike-perch and whitefish to sea trout and salmon – this is why sport fishermen enjoy Åland!

If you ask a sport fishing guide what he likes best about fishing in Åland, he’ll reply:
“The landscape is incredibly beautiful, you can fish all year round in different places and there is a lot of fish.”


See a film about pike and perch fishing on Åland

Sport fishing guides

If you want to get the most out of your fishing trip to Åland we recommend that you hire a sport fishing guide, at least the first day, if you choose to stay more than one day. The fishing guides know the fishing grounds and help you to find the best spots for fishing. You are guaranteed to catch more fish and you’ll get to see more of Åland. Additionally you can fully concentrate on the fishing while the guide takes care of the navigation. Here are some tips for local fishing guides:

Fishing packages

Fishing packages provide a better fishing experience. Are you interested in fishing in Åland and taking your friends or family with you to a fishing trip? It is easiest to book a ready-made fishing package where travel, accommodation and fishing licenses are included and take the help of a local fishing guide that takes you to the best fishing waters in Åland. The tour operators Eckerö Linjen, Ålandhotels, Ålandsresor and Ålands Turist & Konferens offer fishing packages and help you tailor a successful fishing experience.

You can also book your own fishing trip and book a cottage. They can help you finding the best fishing guide on the Aland Islands. You can find the cottages down below and their websites at

Fishing competitions

The trolling competition Trollingträff Åland is a tradition − the event, held since 1993, attracts participants from near and far. If you see salmon trolling in the sea as one of your great interests, you should reserve a weekend at the beginning of the June for a fishing trip to Åland and experience the yearly salmon trolling team competition Trollingträff Åland in the waters surrounding Eckerö and Hammarudda.

In Autumn, there are sport fishing events/competitions such as Brändö Fisketävling and Getadraget. The Getadraget is a pure Catch & Release competition which was included in the Swedish Pike League (SPL) in 2018. Did you know that the finals in the Swedish pike competition Gäddfajten have been arranged in Åland several years in a row?

Fishing licenses and rules

It is useful to get acquainted with valid regulations for reel fishing and angling before your fishing trip to Åland. Read more about general rules for sport fishing on Åland, fishing grounds and licenses, Catch & Release and minimi landning sizes. You can buy your fishing licenses via Visit Åland’s online booking and here.


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