It is useful to get acquainted with valid regulations for reel fishing and angling before your fishing trip to Åland.

The fishing grounds in Åland are partly privately owned by individuals and companies and partly community owned by villages or groups of fishing ground owners. Additionally there are public, province owned waters that stretch 12 nautical miles outside the village’s borders and the province of Åland’s private waters.

The water owner’s permission or a fishing license is required for sport fishing on privately or community owned waters and in the province of Åland’s public and private waters.

Fishing license areas

There is no common fishing license that covers all of Åland, but there are 56 fishing license areas and 16 areas owned by the province. The fishing license is valid for spin fishing, ice fishing or angling in its respective areas. From April 15- June 15, sport fishing from the shore is forbidden to protect breeding sea birds.

The revenues from the fishing licenses finance the replenishment of fish stock – each year almost two million fish fry from pike, sea trout, whitefish and salmon are released.

Thanks to the short distances in Åland, you don’t have to buy a license only for the area that is nearest your accommodation. Instead, all of Åland is open and you may buy several different licenses and choose to fish where you think the fishing is best for the day.

General rules for sport fishing in Åland

  • Avoid damaging nature or the environment.
  • Get acquainted with valid regulations about restricted dates, protected areas, minimum landing sizes and the delicate nature. Respect the rules.
  • Never fish without permission or a fishing licence for sport fishing.
  • Use methods and equipment that improve the fish’s chances for survival if/when it is released.
  • Immediately kill caught fish that you intend to keep.
  • Never catch more fish than you can use.
  • Show respect for professional fishermen and traditional fishing’s needs and equipment.

Catch & release

When sport fishing in Åland, a recommendation is using the catch & release technique. The basic rule is to not take home more fish than you intend to eat. If the fish doesn’t reach minimum landing size you are obligated to release it.
In some cases the bait is hooked in a way that makes it impossible to remove it without seriously injuring the fish. In that case you should kill the fish as soon as possible.

The proper equipment

It is important to have the right equipment for Catch & Release fishing. Most simple and humane is the use of barbless hooks. Always bring a pair of pliers, hook releaser or forceps, scale and maybe a camera, in case you catch your dream fish.

Minimum landing sizes:

Perch 20 cm, max. 10 perches per day per person (Fish under 20 cm must be put back in the water as you can’t use it as food)
Bream 42 cm
Pike 55-80 cm, 1 pike per day per person 
Pikeperch 40-60 cm, 1 pikeperch per day per person
Sea trout  50 cm, 1 sea trout per day per person
Salmon 60 cm
Whitefish 35 cm



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