Trolling for salmon

If you are interested in salmon trolling you can’t get a greater or more powerful experience than a trolling tour on the mighty Åland Sea. The excitement increases every minute and when the silvery fish finally takes the bait, the adventure has begun. Your excitement and pride will know no boundaries when the salmon finally is caught after a long, wild fight with quick rushes and stubborn tugs.

Did you know that both the Finnish and the Åland trolling record is 23.12 kg?

Best in May and June

In Åland the environment for salmon trolling is optimal. There are large fishing grounds and a good charter boat service. Additionally the walking distances to the fishing places are short. Just remember that trolling after salmon on open seas puts great demands on both boat and equipment. There is a strong tug on the line when the salmon takes the bait; the most impressive catches weigh 20 kilos and more.

High season for salmon trolling is in May and June. That’s also when the archipelago nature in Åland is at its best.

Trollingträff Åland

If you see salmon trolling in the sea as one of your great interests, you should reserve a weekend at the end of May/at the beginning of the June for a fishing trip to Åland. Then it is time for the yearly salmon trolling team competition “Trollingträff Åland” in the waters surrounding Eckerö and Hammarudda.

In spring 2019 the trolling competition is arranged on 5–8 June. Start and weigh-in will take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference in Eckerö.

The best team with the largest total amount of weighed fish for the entire contest will be awarded the main prize. A winner of the day is also appointed in the category. The team leader of this contest will be awarded a green flag that shall be visible hoisted on the team´s boat the following day of contest.The biggest salmon of the tournament will be rewarded plus a daily cup contest which means that even day’s biggest catch will be rewarded. The winner is the person who caught the biggest fish, measured in kilograms of unprocessed fish.

The winner of the Nation Contest will be appointed by counting the two best total weights per nation per competition day. No winner of the day in this contest. The winning nation is rewarded with a magnificent trophy! During the contest also the fish closest to 10 kg and the first caught fish over 20 kg be rewarded.

The registration is open since 16 December 2019. The registration fee 2020 is 120 €/person until 16 February 2020 and 125 €/ person during the period of 17 February–24 May 2020. Late registration at the spot costs 180 €/ person. For further information, program, rules and registration visit the homepage for Trollingträff Åland. Check the updated information of this year’s salmon trolling contest in Facebook.



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