It’s popular to combine holidays or a shorter break with exercise and races. Åland has many races to choose from – and afterwards you can reward yourself with the nature and culinary experiences Åland has to offer.

The locals are active and Åland is the region of Europe that has the most sports facilities per capita. There are running and cycle races of different lengths and with different features, as well as other sports events for all tastes, for both amateurs and professionals, and the events are spread throughout the year.

Races 2020

Sjöjungfruloppet in Mariehamn 9 May. Women 5 km and 10 km.

Mercy Ships Race in Mariehamn 13 May is postponed to a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic. Run or walk – choose between 5 km and 10 km.

BrändÖluffen in the island municipality of Brändö 16 May is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Half-marathon or 10 km.

Together 4 Life – race against cancer in Mariehamn 6 June is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Run 10 km or 5 km, walk 5 km or 1,5 km or take part in the relay race 3 x 1,5 km or 3 x 3,45 km for a important cause. There will be also an own race for tykes and kids: Knatteloppet 400 m (children up to 6 years) and Barnloppet 1500 m (children up to 12 years). Start and finish area are located at the market square of Mariehamn.

Käringsundsloppet in Eckerö 27–28 June. Bicycle event with both race and open series. A combined road and time trial race a bit over 170 km, as well as open class: 11 km, 33 km or 110 km on regular or electric bicycle.

Semesterloppet in Eckerö 11 July – exercise for the whole family. Run, jog or walk – all ways are good ways. Distances: 12 km, 8 km or 4 km, for children approximately 1 km.

Vestansundaloppet running event in Jomala 19 July. You can choose between half-marathon, 10,5 km and 5,5 km, as well as a race for children.

Bomarsund Open Water Challenge in Sund 1 August. Open water swim race held in in the beautiful and historic surroundings of Bomarsund. 

Bomarsund Trail Run in Sund 1 August. The sixth year in a row for the Trail Run race in Bomarsund, Åland. Along trails in a historic setting. Distances: 27 km, 12 km, 4,5 km and 1 km (Minitrail) for younger participants.

Käringsund triathlon in Eckerö 28–29 August. Many different distances and classes, both individual and team races.

Åland SwimRun 11–12 September. Run and swim in the beautiful Åland archipelago. Many different distances and classes.

Kanonloppet and Ålandsmarschen 10 October. Kanonloppet is a terrain run with serveral running races and distances: Kanonloppet 22,5 km or 15 km km, Ålandsmarschen 22,5 km or 15 km, Lilla Kanonloppet 7,5 km or 3,5 km, Julleloppet 1 km for children.

Åland Marathon and ½ Marathon 31 October. Start and finish near the swimming centre Mariebad in Mariehamn. Choose between marathon, half-marathon, 10 km and 5 km.

Nyårsruset in Mariehamn 31 December. Start and finish right by the swimming centre Mariebad. Distances 7,4 km or 9,5 km. 

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The trail can be hiked in several stages. The route Lemström–Söderby offers several scenic sea and archipelago views. The route Söderby–Lumparsund goes up on Bistorpberget hill, 77 metres above the sea level. The view over the Lumparn is splendid, and there are large stone fields created by the inland ice.

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Lövö – peace congress and Russian stone ovens

The village of Lövö was once a stage for a superpower game, a peace congress between Sweden and Russia 1718–19. The trail runs on historic ground passing past fields and meadows and through birch and pine forests. Along the trail you can find remains of Russian outdoor baking ovens and a bird watching tower.

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Byrundan – village trail in Finland’s smallest municipality

The trail offers open landscape with fields and pastures, old farm buildings and lush gardens with big trees such as ash, maple and oak. The trail passes e.g. by the midsummer pole, homestead museum/old school and the only windmill in the village preserved from the 1800s. 

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Skogsrundan – seaviews and marshland

The trail passes the wooden church of Sottunga, built in 1730, and continues through a pine tree forest to the seaside rocks on the western side of the island with fine archipelago views and a picnic spot. After the seaside rocks the path rounds a marshland, the village road takes you back to the visitors’ marina.

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Sadelinleden – cultural landscapes and wild orchids

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Mariehamn Runt – small boat jetties, beaches and ferries

The eastern and western seasides of Mariehamn offer a sense of genuine archipelago atmosphere. There are paths along the shore, in some places right next to the waterline. The eastern shore is lower with seaside meadows, the western side is hilly with cliffs, wooden walkways and stairs.

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Järsö – smooth rocks, sea views and wooded meadows

The white trail starts and ends at the same place and goes around a rocky tip. At the far end of the tip you get a scenic view of the sea and the ferry route between Sweden, Åland and Finland. The red and blue trails have separate routes each starting from the white trail. You can also choose to follow only one of them.

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Kalen – Bronze Age and war ruins

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