In the archipelago world of great natural beauty there are many possibilities. Do you want to marry in a church or have a civil wedding ceremony? Indoors or under the open sky? Many guests or just a few close ones? The choice is yours!
Apart from beautiful archipelago nature with many fine wedding alternatives, Åland is a natural meeting place for you, your friends and relatives from both Sweden and Finland.brollop_puss

Åland is charming, and also a small and simple wedding will be beautiful and joyful. You may even arrange a genuine archipelagic wedding in the town of Mariehamn, for example in the Sea Quarter’s seafaring chapel.  You may even arrange a genuine archipelagic wedding in the town of Mariehamn, for example in the Sea Quarter’s seafaring chapel. For a different kind of alternative you can also choose a wedding ceremony onboad the museumship Pommern in Mariehamn with a dinner at restaurant Nautical next door. You may even arrange a genuine archipelagic wedding in the town of Mariehamn, for example in the Sea Quarter’s seafaring chapel.

Church wedding

In Åland there are 16 beautiful churches to choose from if you want a church wedding. Many of the old churches are from medieval times.

When you have found the church you want to get married in, you should contact the vicar of the church district. There you can book the date and time for your ceremony and reserve a priest and a cantor. Remember that summer weddings are especially popular, so make sure you book in good time.

Apart from churches you may have your wedding ceremony in a chapel, in other church localities, in a party locale or in any other place in Åland according to previous arrangements.


Civil wedding

In Åland, The Finnish State Department of Åland (“Statens Ämbetsverk”) is also authorized to join people in marriage. The magistrate department registers marriages at “Ämbetshuset”, at Torggatan 16 B in Mariehamn, where the ceremony takes place in the presence of at least two witnesses by district taxation registrar, judge or lawman.

There is no special, own wedding room at Ämbetshuset but the working room of the registrar is at your disposal. By previous agreement a civil ceremony can also take place in other places. For example, the museum ship Pommern is a popular alternative.

Weddings at summer cottages are also common. These are happy occasions where the bridal couple gather family and friends and arrange a wedding according to their own wishes.

Wedding sites

Åland can offer fine localities for both small and large wedding parties – choose between restaurants, the youth centre’s locales or other establishments that specialise in wedding arrangements.
Hotel Havsvidden on the shore of Norrhavet in Geta is just one example. This hotel always wants to offer something special and because of this they arrange just one or two weddings a month. They want each wedding to be unique and not routine.

Accomodation for you and your guests

How do you want to spend your wedding night? There are several alternatives:


The wedding night will be very comfortable in the wedding suite of one of the hotels in Mariehamn or in Hotell Havsvidden near the mighty sea Norrhavet. Also the island Silverskär is a wonderful alternative. Silverskär can also offer a secluded cottage in a beautiful nature on the neighbouring island Sviskär. If you enjoy cottage living we also want to suggest exclusive Långöjen.


More basic and personal

A personal and enjoyable alternative for your wedding night is Kvarnbo Gästhem with newly renovated rooms in an old-fashioned style. One night in the guesthouse takes you back to the turn of the century1889-1900.

Waking up together after a night in a cottage for just you two is also cosy. Hjortö stugor, Norrö stugor or Holmströms stugor are some great examples.

Accommodation for guests

For accommodation, please contact one of the local travel agencies in Åland, for example Eckerö Linjen, Viking Line or Destination Åland. Or book online via Visit Åland’s homepage. 

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