Live music in Mariehamn or an adventure in the winter archipelago? Adventure bathing indoors or paddle along the ice edge? If the weather is right you can try ice and snow “kite racing”. It’s a fun and fast-paced experience. If you would rather fly, you can try parasailing.

What about “ice and snowkiting”, as it’s referred to in modern Swedish? Or you can can try long-distance skatingor skiing or snowboarding – what you choose will depend on the surface, of course.

“The kite, which is easily stored in a backpack, is also an excellent aid for long-distance skaters who want to rest their legs with the aid of the wind,” Patrik Larsson explains.

After a few hours in the crisp winter air, you may want to have a sauna, relax in an outdoor jacuzzi or take a dip in a hole in the ice.

Winter kayaking

The outdoor company Friluftsentreprenörerna S.G.U has a suggestion for all those who want to enjoy the winter archipelago. Try kayak paddling along the ice edge or among ice floes.
“This is a very different experience as the atmosphere in the archipelago in the wintertime is really something else,” says Jan Kankkonen from the company.

You do not have to be adventurous and willing to take risks to go paddling. “It is enough if you like outdoor life and fresh air,” says Kankkonen, who equips all his customers with dry suits and stable kayaks.

Friluftsentreprenörerna also arranges guided long-distance skating tours with a touch of ice knowledge thrown in, and also swimming in a hole in the ice, if you want to try that, weather permitting.
If you prefer skiing, there are ski tracks of different lengths near the Vikingahallen sport centre in Jomala. Sometimes the tracks are prepared with artificial snow provided the weather is cold enough.


If you would rather spend time indoors in the winter, you can visit Mariebad, Mariehamn’s excellent swimming centre with both an exercise pool and an adventure area, or go bowling inIdrottsgården. Mariehamn has training facilities, a spa and more than one sports centre.

Whether you like to improve your teamspirit in your company or have a bachelor party, Maritime Safety Center is your place for a great time. Åland Maritime Safety Center is offering a 2 hour teambuilding session where challenging and fun activities are combined with marine safety thinking. Get a survival suit and rescue your friends or colleagues from a storm where there is lightning, wind and heavy seas. 

Did you know that live music is played in Mariehamn every weekend, all year round? Look at our event calendar to see what is happening right now.

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