Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we have published the following information.

Visit Åland follows the instructions and recommendations from the authorities, mainly from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). You will find the lates updates on their official web site: thl.fi/en.

If you happen to be in Åland now, you will find Coronavirus helpline for residents of Åland and further information in Swedish on the web site of Ålands hälso- & sjukvård (ÅHS) that is in charge of public health care in Åland: www.ahs.ax. If you have questions related to the corona virus itself, symptoms and health care, contact ÅHS via the coronavirus helpline by Ph. +358 18 535 313. The government of Åland has a dedicated phone line for general questions regarding the measures taken due to the state of emergency, Ph. +358 18 25 572 or +358 18 25 573. 

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Further information and important links


On Monday 16 March, the government of Finland declared a state of emergency in the whole country, including Åland, in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and to protect people in risk groups. We advise you to follow the current travel restrictions and hope eventually to be able to welcome you to Åland again!
In the meantime, we will continue to communicate and share inspiration and positive thoughts via our social media channels, mainly Instagram and Facebook. Our islands with all the wonderful moments and adventures will be here waiting for you when the time is right. Stay safe, keep calm and take care of yourself and each other!


Safety both before and during the journey

Read more about the hygien, cleaning and safety measures due to COVID-19 in terminals and onboard:

Did you know that Viking Line is the first shipping company in the world that has been verified by the accredited classification society DNV GL in accordance with its My Care methodology?This verification affirms the company’s capability to manage and prevent infection risks, including COVID-19.

Watch Tallink Silja’s video about their safety measures onboard.




Current information


Updated 23 July 2020


  • The Finnish Government has today decided on continuation of restrictions on traffic at internal and external borders. The changes will enter into force on Monday 27 July and will remain in force until 25 August. The Government will reassess the need for and extent of the restrictions in approximately two weeks based on the epidemiological situation.

In its meeting on 23 July, the Government decided to reinstate internal border control for traffic between Finland and Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. These countries have seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections since the previous assessment. 

Internal border control will continue for traffic between Finland and Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic, with the exception of leisure boating, which was previously exempted from internal border control. 

Read more in the Finnish Government’s press release

Updated 10 July 2020


  • The Finnish Government has updated policies on internal border control and travel restrictions. As a general rule, the limit value is eight new cases of the disease per 100,000 persons in the previous 14 days. The next changes in border traffic are scheduled to enter into force on 27 July. 

  • As of 13 July 2020 the restrictions on traffic between Finland and the following countries would be lifted:

Based on the current development of the epidemic, border control at the internal borders would be lifted for the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Greece, Malta, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Finland has already abolished internal border control for traffic between Finland and Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as for leisure boating. 

Read more in the Finnish Government’s press release


Updated 25 June 2020


  • The Finnish Government has agreed that as of 13 July, it would lift the internal border control and restrictions on traffic between Finland and countries where the incidence of COVID-19 is similar to that in countries where internal border control has already been lifted. The Government will decide on the matter in its plenary session on 10 July 2020.

Based on the current development of the epidemic, internal border control could therefore be lifted for the following Schengen countries: Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Liechtenstein. In addition, travel to Finland from Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland, which are EU Member States but not part of the Schengen area, would be allowed. However, the Government will continue to assess the overall situation in the Schengen area and the EU Member States until 10 July and will update the list of countries based on the development of the epidemic at that time.

Based on the current epidemiological assessment, internal border control and travel restrictions would continue between Finland and the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Poland, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic, with the exception of leisure boating.

Find out more in the Finnish Government’s press release.


  • The Finnish Government has decided to ease the temporary restrictions on the operations of food and beverage service businesses. This means e.g. that as of 22 June 2020, the food and beverage service businesses can open as of 4 am and must close by 2 pm at the latest, serving of alcoholic beverages is allowed at 9 am–1 pm and buffets will be allowed again. Three quarters of the maximum number of persons permitted in the serving licence or building plan may be present indoors at one time, and all customers must have their own seat.

Read more about the easing of restrictions at restaurants, cafés etc.


Updated 18 June 2020


  • As of 15 June 2020, internal border control will be terminated for recreational boats between Schengen countries. This means that citizens of the Schengen States, e.g. Sweden, are allowed to travel to Åland with their own boat. All persons arriving in Finland are recommended to self-isolate for 14 days. Self-isolation is not required if the person arrives from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Read more on Finnish Border Guard’s homepage and Finnish Government’s homepage.


Updated 11 June 2020


  • The Finnish Government has proposed that external border traffic would continue to be restricted until 14 July 2020 and that controls at internal borders would be lifted between countries with a similar epidemiological situation. From 15 June it would be possible to travel between Finland and Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania without a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine.
  • Internal border control will continue for traffic between Finland and other Schengen countries than those mentioned above, for example between Finland and Sweden. Commuting and other essential traffic, including for example a family reason, a personal reason or travel to a property, private residence or holiday residence in Finland, will be allowed at internal borders.

  • Commuting is possible also for citizens of the EU and Schengen States and the United Kingdom. Self-isolation is recommended for all those arriving in Finland who come from countries that are still subject to internal or external border control, such as Sweden, Germany and Russia.  

Read more in the Finnish Government’s press release and in the article by Yle.


Updated 1 June 2020


  • On 1 June restaurants and cafés, that in April–May were permitted to have open only for take away, are allowed to reopen to customers with certain restrictions throughout the country – including the Åland Islands. The restrictions apply e.g. to opening hours, serving of alcoholic beverages and the maximum number of customers seated indoors.

Read more about the reopening of restaurants and cafés.


  • Museums and other cultural service are allowed to reopen to customers from 1 June 2020.

The Government recommends that people comply with the guidelines on safe distances and hygiene at cultural events. On 14 May, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare issued guidelines on preventing coronavirus infections during public events.

Museums, theatres, the National Opera, cultural venues, libraries, hobby and leisure facilities, youth centres and club facilities can be open as of the beginning of June.

Concerts, theatre performances, festivals and other cultural events are considered public events. At these events, the current maximum limit of 50 attendees, or 500 attendees with special arrangements, must be observed. Public events with more than 500 persons are prohibited until 31 July.

Read more about reopening of cultural services.


  • This summer Finnair will have two daily flights from Finland to Åland from 1 July 2020. One of the daily connections is a direct flight Helsinki–Mariehamn and the other is a so called triangle flight on the route Helsinki–Turku–Mariehamn. 

Take a look at the timetable and book your flight.

  • The Finnish Government has upheld its recommendation to avoid all non-essential travel, including leisure travel, within Finland. From 25 May 2020 Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland can once again travel within Finland if they follow the health and safety guidelines related to coronavirus.

Travel within Finland is allowed as long as health and safety guidelines relating to coronavirus are observed. It is important for tourists and tourism sector operators to be committed to complying with the measures in place to prevent COVID-19 infections.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health have drawn up guidelines for the safe reopening of domestic tourism in Finland. The guidelines will enter into force on 29 May 2020. Tourism companies and tourists are responsible for adhering to the guidelines and for applying them to their activities.

Read more about the guidelines for the safe reopening of domestic tourism in Finland.


Updated 29 May 2020

  • The ferry terminal in Mariehamn has opened up for passenger traffic. Tallink Silja’s vessels Galaxy and Baltic Princess call at Mariehamn from 28 May and Viking Line’s vessels Viking Grace and Amorella from 29 May 2020. This applies to arrival/departure in the afternoon, at night the boats go via Långnäs as usual.
  • Viking Line’s vessel Rosella opened up passenger traffic on 26 May and is operating between Mariehamn and Kapellskär according to a changed timetable. The transfer service between the Cityterminalen bus station and Viking Line terminal in Kapellskär is temporarily suspended. 

Read more on Viking Line’s homepage and take a look at Rosella’s timetable.


Updated 20 May 2020

  • During April–June Finnair will fly to/from Åland on the route Helsinki–Mariehamn and from July also on the route Turku–Mariehamn. On 15 May Finnair introduced new measures to ensure that their passengers feel safe and comfortable both at the airport and during the flight.

Read Finnair’s safety measures and pressrelease.


  • Air Leap is flying between Sweden and Åland on the route Stockholm/Arlanda–Mariehamn and between Finland and Åland on the route Turku–Mariehamn.

Read more on Air Leap’s homepage.


  • On 14 May Viking Line’s vessels Viking Grace and Amorella opened up passenger traffic between Finland and Sweden on the route Stockholm – Långnäs/Åland – Turku for citizens in the Schengen area who need to travel to Finland due to employment, a work assignment or some other urgent circumstances. 

Traffic from Schengen countries is permitted if the travel is related to employment, a work assignment or some other urgent circumstances. Leisure travel is not recommended, and the instructions of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland continue in this regard. The Finnish Ministry of the Interior is preparing more detailed guidelines for the gradual opening of the border.

If the trip meets the entry conditions of the destination country, you can travel by ferry between Sweden and Finland, as well as between Estonia and Finland. Border control at the arrival and departure harbours of Viking Line ferries in Finland and Estonia will continue after 14 May — and will last until at least 14 June 2020.

Cruise passengers are not allowed. Traffic is based on the entry rules to Finland. 

Safety is always a top priority at Viking Line. We are working closely with the responsible authorities on all security-related issues, including the coronavirus.

Viking Line has strict security measures both in harbour terminals and on board to ensure the safety of both passengers and employees.

Read more about Viking Line’s ferry traffic and their safety and hygiene measures.


  • Tallink Grupp opened up passenger traffic to Finland for the Schengen area citizens, who need to travel to Finland for work reasons or for other unavoidable reasons, with the vessels Megastar, Star, Baltic Princess and Galaxy for departures starting from 14 May 2020. 

As a result of the decision made by the Finnish government yesterday (4 May 2020) to allow passenger transport to Finland on ferries again from 14 May 2020 for workers and people with unavoidable reasons for travel, Tallink Grupp will reopen ticket sales on Tuesday, 5 May 2020, for passengers wishing to travel to Finland. Ticket sales for passengers from Finland have remained open throughout the state of emergency period. 

Read more about Tallink Silja’s latest travel update and safety measures


  • Finnlines is operating between Sweden and Åland on the route Kapellskär–Långnäs and between Finland and Åland on the route Naantali–Mariehamn. 

Restrictions on entry to Finland are currently valid 14 May – 14 June 2020.

Naantali is not an official border crossing point at the moment. Due to this it is not possible to travel on Finnlines vessels between Kapellskär and Naantali until 14 June 2020. Anyway passengers are allowed to travel between both Kapellskär and the Åland Islands and Naantali and the Åland Islands.

Any person arriving in the country must for a period of 14 days avoid unnecessary close contact with others and carry out self-quarantine.

Finnlines has developed a contingency plan which also includes instructions related to the coronavirus e.g. instructions how to handle if passenger has the symptoms that are apparent or suspected to be caused by the coronavirus, or how to disembark the suspected passenger etc. 

Read more about Finnlines’ passenger traffic and safety measures.


  • Information from the Finnish Border Guard: instructions for the border traffic from 14 May 2020 and instructions for

    persons arriving in Finland on measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

On 7 May 2020, the Government decided to continue border control at internal borders and restrict cross-border traffic until 14 June 2020. 

Any person arriving in the country should avoid unnecessary close contact with others and carry out a self-imposed quarantine for a period of 14 days. Self-imposed quarantine means only travelling between the workplace and home and for essential reasons.

Read more about the guidelines for border traffic.


  • Information from the Finnish Government 

Finland’s borders have been closed and passenger traffic to Finland has been suspended. Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland are allowed to return to Finland. Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland must not travel abroad. Finns and permanent residents in Finland returning from abroad will be placed in quarantine-like conditions for two weeks. 

As of 14 May 2020, the statutory restrictions on border traffic will be lifted in cross-border traffic across the Schengen internal borders by allowing employment or commission-related commuting and other essential traffic.

For the time being, recreational travel abroad is not recommended, and the travel advice issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be extended accordingly. The Ministry of the Interior will draft more specific guidelines on the gradual opening of border traffic. Finland considers it important that the lifting of the restrictions on border traffic be coordinated at the EU level.

Read more about the Finnish Government’s current restrictions and recommendations during the coronavirus epidemic.