In Mariehamn there is much fun for the little ones. Besides the beaches and Mariebad, there are play grounds and other fun activities.

Lilla Holmen in Mariehamn is the children’s island. Here children can swim, play in the sand, climb in the pirate ship or visit the birds in the bird house. There are also beaches at Nabben, Gröna Udden and Espholm.

In Mariehamn children are free to fish from the piers, both at Lilla Holmen and other piers in town.

Mariebad is situated with a view across Mariehamn’s eastern harbour. The swimming centre is the whole family’s favourite with a bubble pool, exercise pool, a thrilling water slide and exciting recreational adventure pool with lots of fun for children. Outdoors there is a beach for those who want to take a dip in the sea.

In Mariehamn there are many fun play grounds. Coolest is Lilla Holmen with its pirate ship. In central Mariehamn there are play grounds at the Market Square and “Lindan” (walk south along Torggatan, turn right at Hantverkargatan). In northern Mariehamn there are play grounds at Ljungvägen and Backeberg and you will find Västernäs play ground in southern Mariehamn.

The Åland Maritime Museum is exciting. There are lots of interesting things to discover. Explore among ship cabins, beautiful figureheads, seaman’s chests and different model ships. Climb up a real mast, see a genuine pirate’s flag, call at a harbour and go on a treasure hunt and search for the museum’s mascot, Ruby the ship’s rat. 
The children’s activity room ”Ruby and the Sea” is a completely new experience with an amazing underwater world, mermaids, ship wrecks, corals and fish, as well as a research boat. At basement level there are marine engineering, shipbuilding and marine safety sections. There is a proper life raft to climb into, a tricky loading puzzle to solve and the large steam engine that is run regularly by the museum’s volunteer engineer officers during the summer season. Did you know that the Åland Maritime Museum is the Museum of the Year in Finland 2016?


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