Åland Tourist Entrepreneurs, chef, sommelier, wine lover…

Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan and her husband Martin Cromwell-Morgan are a couple who are passionate about making the life around them taste even better. They jointly run a guesthouse, Kvarnbo Gästhem. In 2014, they were rewarded as the Åland Tourist Entrepreneurs of the Year. Ella is a chef and sommelier who has lost her heart to the local produce. As regards wines, she unfortunately has the climate working against her.


– We can highlight local foods by combining them with imported wines and beers. Right now one of my favourites is the combination of dry sherry and pickled herring or Baltic herring. Beer is, however, the beverage that is an inherent to this part of the world, and our local brewery, Stallhagen, is absolutely unbeatable. They have a wide range of products, and their beers can be combined with different foods without limitations.

A select tasting menu

At Kvarnbo Gästhem a select menu is offered on a daily basis for tasting.

– We may serve, for example, cheese and beer or smoked products and wine. As part of the tasting, I first introduce the foods and drinks. The tasting provides an opportunity to enjoy appetizers before going out for dinner, or people can gather for a small tasting when they return from their dinner.


Through the bulletin board at the reception, Ella often invites people to join a longer tasting session in English.

– It’s fabulous to see different generations and cultures brought together by a gastronomic experience. A group can include an older couple from northern Finland, two young Japanese tourists and two Swedish golfers, who end up having a good time and exchanging business cards.


As the matron of the guesthouse and a passionate sommelier, Ella has witnessed how the local food culture has advanced in giant leaps during the past years.

– People are increasingly realizing the value of the local foods.


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Savoury combos by Ella

  • Stallhagen’s Pale Ale + herb-oil marinated goat’s cheese from Wätteros Gård, served on toasted home-baked bread from Johannas hembakta bakery.
  • Stallhagen’s US Red Ale + grilled lamb sausage from Marskogens Lamm and apple salsa by Peders Aplagård.


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