Renting a cottage in Åland means an independent, self-catering stay, close to nature. About eight or nine out of ten Åland cottages are situated by the water and have access to their own boat and sauna. That means bathing, boat trips and the sun on the horizon. Just open the door and step out into a forest, on to a meadow or on to red granite rock.

There are plenty of options, especially if you book in good time. There are different standards of cottages and they come in different price categories. You can stay on your own island, and enjoy peace and quiet, or have a more social stay in a holiday village. You can make it for one night or stay several weeks. Some of the cottages are open only during the summer, some all year round.

If you prefer to stay on your own island, you can rent e. g. the island Gyllenklobb and Lökskär in the Vårdö archipelago, the island Långharun with in the Föglö archipelago and the islands Silverskär and Sviskär located in the northern archipelago of Åland.

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