If you live surrounded by the sea, you have to take care of it and keep it clean. Ålanders care about their nature and at the moment a lot of work is being done to make the destination even more sustainable and attractive. This is somewhere you can live and travel around on holiday with a clear climate conscience!


Åland is to be totally sustainable by 2051 at the latest. This target was set by the Åland Parliament and Provincial Government in 2014. At the same time, seven strategic targets were set that are to be achieved as early as 2030. These include, for example, that all water should be of good quality, Åland should have a considerably higher proportion of energy from renewable sources and there should be sustainable and conscious consumption and production practices.

Work is being done in many areas

The Ålanders are working hard in many different areas to achieve these targets. Wetlands have been created to stop nutrients from leaking into streams, there is investment in solar and wind energy, and public transport runs on biofuel. Many farmers opt for organic cultivation, restaurants and shops do their best to reduce food waste and use of plastic, and many craftsmen create new objects from recycled materials.

Tourist companies with sustainability certification

There are many companies in the tourism industry that have already been certified for their environmental excellence. In 2013 the Ålanders started to work on the requirements of the leading international sustainability certification Green Key. At the moment more than 20 facilities have achieved the certification and the goal is to continue certifying even more facilities in the future. A few establishments on Åland are also awarded the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan. 

Read more about Green Key and find a list of the certified sites in Åland.

Demand is rising

More and more visitors and consumers are requesting sustainable solutions and in Åland it is clear that this trend is continuing to grow. In the past, sustainability was linked to luxury tourism, but today it is more a case of it being taken as read. The Ålanders want to be able to meet the standards that visitors expect and to provide a stay with sustainable activities on an island in a clean sea. Efforts to achieve that target are in full swing.


Learn more about Åland, sustainability and ecotourism in this video:


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Ta dig runt på Åland så miljövänligt som möjligt och bidra till ålänningarnas mål att minska öns koldioxidutsläpp med 60 procent till 2030.

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